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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,020

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Questions on the immigrants Desantis and Abbott kidnapped

I use the term because that is what the Governors did.

Those immigrants came seeking asylum and have to follow certain rules and enter certain points. How will their kidnapping and them being in Mass affect their asylum cases?

Will the DOJ actually punish the Governors actions? This was a coordinated effort between the 2 Governors? Could these actions fall under RICO laws?

You Have What It Takes

Maybe it was fate or just chance but I was feeling low today. My husband with a rebound case of Covid has been off work since Tuesday. I haven't stop testing positive for covid (but it seems with my first 2 rounds it takes 3 weeks for me to get over covid) But we are sick and have been stuck in the house basically a week and 2 weeks. So, when I found this notice in my in -box and listened I was in tears. And felt so comforted by this song. I wanted to share.

Friend of mine met the Queen-Elizabeth 2

My friend told me the other day she had met the Queen in a roundabout way when she was 12.

she was in Scotland by the Balmoral Castle. Her Stepfather has family there with lands and she was 12 feeling awkward and out of place. So, she rode her bike a lot. she found herself on a road a little lost. She must have looked lost a woman driving a Truck-like car (that was how it looked to her 12-year-old American mind) stopped and asked if she was okay. My friend explained she was lost. The woman assured her she wasn't far from the place she was staying and gave her directions.

The woman asked if she was visiting and then asked if she was enjoying her trip. My friend shrugged saying it's pretty but wished there was more to do. The woman laughed and gave a laughed. She told my friend to hurry that the sun will set faster than she is used to my friend thanked her and stared at her a minute longer and told the woman she looked familiar. She asked the woman if she was in movies. The woman laughed and shook her head. She started to drive away telling my friend she hopes she enjoys her visit.

BREAKING BBC NEWS TV has announced Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

I know Most here may not like royalty, but I never mind it and found Her Majesty a good role model. I am sorry she has passed.

covid update 2 Husband's work - covid positive no a big deal just don't show symptoms-come to work.

First off I want to thank people for well wishes and responding to my post. I do apologize if I haven't response to everyone. Just get tired to respond. but thank you for letting me vent and well wishes and care.

So Hubby is still testing positive and his workplace to him. We don't care you are testing positive as long as you are not showing symptoms, we want you to mask up and get in here. Husband is going in tomorrow because well... we need the money. We are lucky he got it over the Labor Day holiday and really, he only missed 1 day of work- Friday.

It isn't the first I heard of this practice either. My sister-in-law in Nevada indicated workplaces are telling employees that late last year.

This is part of the reason why we still have covid this strong in the country.

on another note. how soon do I have to wait-once covid free to get second booster. I honestly believe my 3 rounds of covid is due to Omicron and the subvariants.

Are you supposed to tell a city when you move out?

My husband's friend called him and while talking he told my husband that he and his wife had been placed in collections for non- payment of per captia tax for the pass 10 years. They left the town 11 years ago. The tax office is saying it is up to the person to call the town tax office and tell them they are not living in the town anymore.

I am floored at that logic. My thought is that the city can do an internet search to see the person's address is not in the city. They won't pull it from collections and the collections office won't correct the records without per catpita receipts proving they aren't living in that town. They won't accept a license or anything else as proof.

His wife lost it over the phone. she is normally not a Karen but boy was she frustrated and pissed.

Covid Update: just if anyone is interested.

Husband -feeling much better. not as tired but still tired. sore throat has not been running a temp for 30 hours. If he doesn't do too much, he is able to stay awake and is actually gaming a little (Elder Scroll on line.) he does have a headache that comes and goes.

I seem to be about 36 hours behind him. Mostly sore throat, tired headaches on and off. Can't concentrate too much for too long. BUT early this morning we had a wicked thunderstorm that really got my sinuses going(drainage) think mucus. No fever but Chills.

I have had people suggest warm sweet tea and I have tried. Unfortunately, the first round of covid really screwed up my tastebuds and unfortunately the bitter of the tea is all I taste and has made me nausea. I am able to handle warm salt water and in fact the warm water doesn't give me a bad sick taste in my mouth. I am seriously thinking of drinking warm water to get water into me. (water taste has been a real issue for me since the first round of Covid.) I can't take citrus flavors like lemon and orange.

Would warm water with honey be a good idea? for the throat?

We are going to get another round of storms tonight. I can take benedryl but it makes me so sleepy. My Alka-Seltzer is gone. Thinking of door dashing but we have door dashed a lot this weekend.

We are hoping by Tuesday to be over it. and we have done nothing but lay around the messy house.

Now to be a shallow b!tch-- I find it interesting that his Step- Mother-in-law actions.. or perhaps lack. When she and Husband's father had covid. I called several times. Husband picked up item they needed drop it off on the porch. I made food and sent them over the food.

She called 1 time so far and nothing. Believe me one day I will post some stories about her.

Is it possible Trump is laying the groundwork for an insanity plea?


If Trump feels the walls closing in then maybe he wants to be committed to a posse mental hospital than some sort of prison.

well, covid for a third time...

Seriously, this is the 3rd time this year. 1st end of Jan/beginning of Feb

2nd in June

and now this time

it always hit my throat. I have no voice.

Can Jackson MS get FEMA/Federal government help with Jackson failing water system if the Gov.

declares it a disaster area?

Or should my question be Will White Gov. declare a Disaster emergency to get the poor and minorities of Jackson the help they need?
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