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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,024

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Can Jackson MS get FEMA/Federal government help with Jackson failing water system if the Gov.

declares it a disaster area?

Or should my question be Will White Gov. declare a Disaster emergency to get the poor and minorities of Jackson the help they need?

Hubby tested positive last night. (For Covid)

Came home from late shift. 11:30pm. said he felt like a train hit him, had sore throat, cough head congestion. Masked up and help him with the test. His workplace makes mask wearing an option. red county PA and a few of his coworkers have indicated they will never get the shot. Husband thankfully masked up all the time but he still got it.

I tested negative last night. picked up curbside order for groceries for us and his mother (she depends on husband and me now that husband's siblings have passed) made sure she was mask and I was mask she stayed away from the door I skipped her groceries in her doorway- (she is on a walker and needed the few things I got her on even floor not on the porch. She spread Lysol after I left. I am thinking she will be fine.) Got hubby the medication (free- Thank you Joe Biden) took another test and tested negative again.

I think I have done everything as best as I could, but husband and I are not leaving the house the rest of the holiday weekend. anything we might need. door dash and do not open door till person leaves.

any other suggestions?

Biden's speech tonight. Is this some sort of claiming the sea before the storm?

Or is it a way to call out the fascists- authoritarians before they cause violence?

I have a feeling Trump is going to be indicted and arrested soon. Is Biden going on TV as a way to Tell certain Republicans to knock it off. Do not encourage violence from the citizens. It will be bad enough don't throw fuel on the fire.

I want to watch but I am truly terrified on what is going to happen. and what will happen in the coming weeks. I am sure Garland won't make a move too close to the election and I believe they have asked Ms. Willis in GA to use best judgement with her case.

I keep having nightmares of crazy things happening. I am surrounded on my street with a couple Magas and a few Republicans that will set up to cause trouble if certain Republican figures encourage it.

Please tell me It is a tinfoil hat issue or if I am on track, please place it on realistic terms.

I don't understand why 538 is showing Dems losing the house

unless I am miss reading the website it shows


I know Red states have managed to gerrymander the maps to give them a lead, but it seems all the early special elections and the overturn of Roe seems to be favoring Dems.

What am I missing? Or is this going to be a surprise?

A few questions about Trump/Mar-a-largo/Top Secret Doc.

Please tell me if I am getting crazy or too Tin-foil-hat in my thinking but after Last night (Friday) and finding out just how much and dangerous those Documents Trump had, and it really has me freaked out and my mind is raging with questions. So, I just needed just vent them or someone to tell me I am going into left field.

1: Finding out those documents contain information or could contain information on spies and data collections. My mind started thinking of when Trump was in office. What information was he giving away or (selling) that we are not aware of. Think of the Russian visit.

2: More importantly It is coming out that Trump never got the security Briefing that it seems to have been pawned off to Jared. Who seems to be Jared's best buddy- MBS aka Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud the Saudi Prince. Remember all those royals held in the Ritz Carlton because they didn't want MBS to have control? Remember Jamal Khashoggi. Is it wrong or terrible to start wondering if Mr. Khashoggi was working for us? Even if he wasn't - Remember how there had been some reports that our government heard chattered about plans for Mr. Khashoggi and the Trump Administration didn't tell or warn him?

3: Is the Justice department Looking into Jared and his dealings had been during the Administration and more importantly after Trump left office? Yes, Trump is a Grifter and con artist he'd sell info to get money but he doesn't fully understand what he is reading would he have the ability to truly do damage BUT it does seem Jared is more cunning and let's say he is Smarter than Trump. He has that 2 billion from MBS what else? Let's look into all those license Ivanka got from China while in office for her clothes and purses and Trade-marks being fast track? Was all this about clothes and purses or could it be a cover for information? Would Ivanka allow Jared or even she herself use Daddy to get all that info and then leave him out to dry/ hold the bad in a sense? I honestly think she is. I always thought she manipulated Trump. They have been distancing themselves from Trump?

Trump Representing himself in court?!

I Don't know if this is real but:



If this is true why isn't it breaking News?

Why aren't the news organizations camp out around the court waiting for him to come out?

Why the Hell isn't this being televised?

Lost a Friend to Stupidity- House of the Dragon SPOLIERS

Last chance if you haven't seen it yet don't read.


Okay last chance.

House of the Dragon was on Last night. So happy I watched it. George is involved in the show and my humble opinion it was great. More brutal to my liking but Game was always more brutal.

Today I get a call from a "Friend" who indicated she is never going to watch another Show with Game of Thrones involvement because it is too liberal and have woke agenda.
I prepared myself and she went on how the Birth scene was a liberal plot design to scare woman into wanting abortions.

I let her have it. I explained that the scene was probably filmed months ago or even a year before Roe v wade was decided or leaked. I explained that the scene was a true depiction of how dangerous childbirth truly was and in fact that was how c sections had been done as a last resort that killed the mother. She also thought I was nuts that Game of Thrones and Martin's world wasn't based on the Middle Ages that there is no country ever named Westeros.

I then told this woman that the people and places are fiction but based on history. I explained that Game was based on the English Civil War.

She said England never had a civil war.

I told her shut off Faux news and actually look up history or better yet go back to school and actually learn something.

I hung up on her and I feel bad that I didn't try to be more patient.

I understand the intelligence committees of the House and Senate want an assessment BUT

We need to have an assessment done of what Intelligence damage Trump's stash have or could do to our allies. We owe it to our allies to if their intelligence was compromised by Trump. I am sure our allies have done their own, but we also need to do that.

I don't see Ivanka or Jared staying in the country much longer.

They are separating themselves from "The Family" I am expecting Ivanka to decline Secret Service details and to suddenly disappear from the US and go to live in another country that does not have US extradition. I see this happening in the next 3 months.

They have 2 billion dollars. They probably gave as much information as they could to our adversaries, and I think we are going to find She and Jared had been the masterminds of a lot of the policies during the Trump administration. She knows Daddy will sell her out and I truly believe she learned from Daddy that she will double cross him before he double crosses her.

One thing Trump seemed to be focus on was his Safe at Mar-a-largo. Why?

Does anyone remember back in 2016 not only the DNC was hacked but the RNC was hacked as well? Lots of rumors and jokes that Russia hacked it and handed over to Trump. What if that was true? What if in that safe was the dirt on every RNC member of political nature?

It does seem interesting that when someone like McCarthy pulls aways from Trump or speaks out against him that person is invited down to Mar-a-largo and next thing the media find is the person is back on the side of Trump.
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