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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,024

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late to the party but just cancelled Netflix

I just heard about Dave Chappelle comments on Transgender community and the suspension of Trans employee. My husband and I agreed to cancel streaming service.

I watched netflix a lot more with it shows like Umbrella Academy ( which how they can dare look at Elliot Page after all this) Witcher and other shows.

Whose needs the GOP/Republicans when we got Sinema and Manchin


Democrats say they 'have no sense' of what Kyrsten Sinema wants in Biden's safety-net package as she opposes tax hikes


A major holdup in the talks is Sinema's opposition to bumping up tax rates for individuals and large corporations, per two Senate Democratic aides familiar with the matter. Her position threatens to deprive the package of over $700 billion in revenue to finance the bulk of President Joe Biden's agenda. Biden has repeatedly promised his plan will be paid for and won't add to the federal deficit. Most Democrats are also fervent in their desire to roll back President Donald Trump's 2017 tax cuts.


Manchin pulls plug on U.S. clean electricity ambitions in Biden budget bill: NYT

Video link.



Per Reidout: WSJ: AT Garland worried that jailing 1/6 insurrection will radicalized them more

I am sorry if you don't have the stomach to punish those who's overthrow our government design sir!

We need to protect our democracy now! Everyday Trump sends a message out people get more radicized. Every time Bannon speaks into his Mic those people get more radicalized. Every time a GOP Senator or Congress member repeats the big lie those people get more radicalized.

We are seeing trumpers/MAGA members act out as anti-vaxxers and anti makers. They are the people filling other people's mask off. Accusing parent of child abuse for masking their kids.

Get a backbone. The government is still defending Trump against the E. Jean Carroll case.
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