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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,020

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Anyone see "Meta"/ Facebook tv commercial?

Who at "Meta" thought the key images of that commercial is a Lion mid kill of ox/bull?

then the Lion starts talking saying how Meta is cool.

Am I the only one seeing the Lion as Meta and the Ox as Victim of Meta taking people information using this new "business". Am I being too rude?

The Rittenhouse verdict scares the shit out of me.

To me it signals that this country is going to get a whole lot scarier. It also makes me ashamed of my race (white) and I'm scared at what Verdict will be in the racist trio that killed Mr. Arbey case.

These GQPers are getting bolder and more dangerous. Garland needs to send a message by indicting

Bannon Or taking the steps needed. It was stupid for the dems to send this to the DOJ when Congress has the power to hold him in contempt. How sad also needs to be censured. Democratic party needs to stop playing chess the GOP republicans are playing grand thief auto/Call of Duty wherever you want to use but we need to take this seriously. We as the democratic/ progressive/liberal/ those who want to defend democracy and our Constitution right now.

The media also needs to stop the bull deal and stop allowing these autocratic -wannabe racists to get away with this.

Is it wrong to think the Judge of the Rittenhouse wants Kyle to be found not guilty?

I am truly scared.

Not a Hate Kornacki post BUT a Child's view of Kornacki

I thought I share: This in no way to be mean just an observation of a 4 year old turn 5 now who's first introduction to Steve during the 2020 election.

You remember he was on for days on MSNBC and let's be honest toward the Saturday Victory Call Mr. Kornacki was looking sleep deprived and I seriously wondered if had any real meals during that time. Watching the little 4 year old started thinking Kornacki was kept in Dungeon of the basement in MSNBC building and he is only allowed to talk numbers. She would scream when she saw him on tv she say They let him out of the Dungeon.

She sees him now on the TV. She says he is always wearing the same outfit and all he talks about is numbers. She also just notice the ear piece in his ear and thinks he is a Robot. The ear piece "has to be his plug"

It is not meant to be mean just what one little trying to understand this whole thing about election nights and more importantly Trying to understand 1 man's job.

I just check my voter status and I VOTED no problem

Am I going to have trouble voting?

Status: Active (I should hope so)

Party : Democratic

Are you a permanent voter?NO (Should I be concerned?)

EDIT was able to vote. Thanks

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