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"Employers in Las Vegas telling People come to work if they feel good"-Test positive

Some of my Brothers and a sister live in Las Vegas. I got a call yesterday from my Sister-in-law telling me my brother has covid and is ill. She's naturally concern as he has Asthma. He my sister-in-law and Kids got Vaxxed and were waiting to get boosted when Brother came down with it. My sister-law got everyone tested and my niece's and nephew's SO tested as well only other person to test positive is my niece who is a-symptoms. Both are isolated in the upstairs of the house.

My Sister-in-law told me 2 disturbing things -one being the title of the Thread. That my niece's employer said if My niece wasn't showing symptoms and felt up to it she can come to work. She said a lot of employers are encouraging people with covid to come to work because Omicron is so mild.

the other thing--My other sister out there (republican) hearing my brother was sick with covid dropped off Hydrocloriquine. Where and how she got it is a mystery to sister-in-law and me. She isn't giving my brother that.

sorry meant to post here but posted in lounge. moved.

"Employers in Las Vegas telling People come to work if they feel good"-Test positive

sorry posted in wrong section

Covid to the left of me Crazy/ Stupid mother-in-law to the right.

oh, man things are getting even more Crazy.

My mother called me to tell my cousin(had covid BV -before vaccine- and got shots and boosted) called her My cousin's husband (also covid BV but didn't get Vaxxed) is running a fever and has a massive headache she is helping him with a test. Her sister and sister's husband (both vaxxed and boosted) who live in the DC area tested positive for covid needless to say they aren't coming to the hometown for the holidays.

My cousin is going to call my Anti-vaxxed/hoax believing sister to encourage her to stay away. This cousin and my sister have always been close so we are hoping she listens to her. My mom doesn't want me talking to my sister she wants me to stay out of it. She doesn't want us fighting.

So I called Stepmom in law to see how's her Granddaughter in the hospital is doing. They drop her Granddaughter from 6 litters of oxygen to 3 litters. which I am taking as a good sign. Stepmom in law seems to be under the belief that Granddaughter will be home for Christmas. I told Stepmom I don't think the hospital will rush to discharge her (am I right or wrong?)

Stepmom then said she ordered Christmas dinner to be sent to her Great Grand kids and the roommate who are stuck at the home all having Covid. Good idea as a friend of mine when she had covid was allowed deliveries as long as it was left at the door. (am I right?)

Then Stepmom tells me she told the roommate to take the kids to the park up the street. I told her they are Quarantined they can't leave the house. She countered They are in isolation. I said it is basically the same thing. they can go out to their own back yard if you want them to get fresh air but they can't go anywhere they can infect others. She didn't like my statement.

I am so glad we are just dropping off food.

Step mom in law issue/ do we go?

So we get over sis in law hurdle to find a new stress.

Step mom in law has a granddaughter and great grand kids. (Everyone had kids young in that family). I am told by Step mom in law her granddaughter is in the hospital with covid on oxygen at times but not vented. Thankfully. However all three of her kids and her roommate also have covid. Thankfully mild to no symptoms however Step mom in law has been around granddaughter and great grandkids she has had a test and tested negative but she only 4 days from known exposure. Doesn't see a need another test.

I am not comfortable going but don't want her trying to make an issue and upset father in law more who is upset about sis in law and doesn't want to make the ulitmate choice of life and death for sis in law.

Now full honesty I don't like this woman much she tries to manipulate situations husband only tolerate her because of his dad.

I am cooking two of the main dishes do we send over and stay home? She is vaxxed and boosted. 7 people at the gathering all vaxxed and boosted.

How many test is positively safe. Dr. Brian May prime example.

I also have to worry about my anti-vax sister visiting my mom for Christmas.. Mom is vaxxed and boosted. I will not be going up. My mom has had fights with my sister but she doesn't want to fight anymore and she is in her 80s her brothers and parents are gone. She doesn't want to drive her daughter away.
rock and hard place.

Sis in law update

The hospital manage to drain fluids from my sister in law and have sent her back to the nursing home. They went her without notifying the family and the nursing home she is in never seem to answer our calls. But thank you all for your well wishes, concern and letting me vent.

Which version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Do you like?

For those who like Christmas songs (not trying to offend here--Just wanted to have something non politic.)

Do you like the Version in which the line is "Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow."

Or the later versions with the line "Hang a shining star upon the highest bough."

I will be honest. I always liked the muttle through somehow-but I always find it interesting which version people pick.

And if anyone is interested here is the history of the song:

Help! Looking to clear up misinformation on Covid.

Ananti-Vaxxed/Covis-Hoax Relative of mine called me saying the omicron variant is going to kill all you vaccinated people.

Now I will be honest dealing with My SIL who is very ill-non-covid so I haven't been able to keep up. Last I heard people vaccinated can get a mild case and that omicron is in 18 states.

How much am I wrong and what did I miss?

Update on my sis in law

So my sis in law isn't doing good. Background- she is in renal failure type 1 diabetic. Because she went for years without taking care of her diabetes and was known by her co-workers as the functional drunk in her 20s her brain has A LOT of calcium on the brain. In july/August doctor told my TIL she has 6 months to live (I was teleconference in for the meeting) but the doctor said I've seen people given 6months but live 3 years. Father in law was granted custody by courts sister in law was living in the nursing a home that sent her to the hospital 2 weeks ago as her blood sugar spiked to 1100 (we seen it before) they were about ready to discharge back to the home but last night start having issues breathing rushed her up to ICU. They her on Dyalsis like machine that runs 24 hours and she is in a bypap machine 40 liters of oxygen.

My Father in law change DNR orders to do CPR. He doesn't want to lose a second child in 2 years. My husband would be the only child left.

I am thinking with this 40 liters of oxygen and this machine pulling the fluids she is close to the end. The family relies on me to talk to medical staff and explain what is happening so they understand but my medical! Understanding come from working home health and just keep asking questions.

I needed to vent so that I you for reading. My question 40 liters is a sign that it is really bad, right?

I am on tablet so sorry for any weird words or spellings

The fugitive "Parents".

I don't believe those 2 deserve the title as they basically didn't do more to stop the 15 year old doing what he did.

But these Eff-ups are whole other level of sick and depraved. They are on the run which means they care only of about themselves. They will leave this kid taking all the blame. Yes, he need to take responsibility but the parents could have taken him out of school. They could have taken him outside the school look into his book bag and taken it from him the sent him back to school: but insisted he remain in school.

No one looked inside that bookbag.

I hope they are caught before they find a way to escape.
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