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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
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Can the Judge in the Chauvin trial cause a mistrial for his comments on

Rep Maxine Waters?

Can he be disbarred?

Seems to me he gave a HUGE suggestion to the defense on how to appeal a potential verdict.

Don't like the Phrase "Defund the Police" We need reform/reorganization something

Call it re-education or reorganization something BUT I am PISSED as hell at this weekend events.

We don't need every police officer with guns. We have other defense tactics they can use. Person won't stop for a tail light being out or speeding. With dash cams they can take a picture of the plate and send a ticket in the mail.

If they have a taser they don't need to also carry a gun.

We need cops to at least have a associates degree in psychology and we need to take some of the police money and use it to train crisis prevention who answer calls for kids out of control or someone having a mental break down. We need psych evaluations on cops yearly and a background checks to weed out the racists.

We need cops to see people as human beings and not a notch on their belts.

I have know 4 cops in my life and all of them bad apples. 2 wife abusers who got away with beating wife and kids. 1 of the cops nearly killed their wife and he got away. The other 2 are ego maniacs who used their badges to bully people and get their way. One was a a known racists

I see a cop and I immediately do not trust them. I am a white girl and probably have no right to say this but I am tired of seeing black people being killed by cops. I tired of the policing system as it is.

Advise on packing

My mother have this nativity scene made of mother of pearl and 14 cart good. I have become caretaker of all the good China and this scene and I am cleaning this stuff up and reinstalling it for storage in good solid plastic bins instead of the boxes they have been placed. My question mother of pearl is so delicate we have these figures wrapped in cloth. I would like to wrap them in bubble wrap. Would that be okay or should I buy new cloth to wrap the items in?

Can we petition the White House to give Dolly Parton a Presidential Medal?

I know a lot of people worked on the Various Vaccines and a lot of them deserve a medal Hell even a Nobel prize in Medicine for what they did and how quickly.

I just feel Dolly does deserve some sort of honest/ respect for basically giving money to find the Moderna Vaccine.

One thing brought out about the Chauvin Trial

This is an issue in the trail that isn't getting the conversation that perhaps should be. I hope it is address fully when the trail is over but I doubt it will be this is why I bring it up now.

Let me start by saying I do not Blame the Clerk in anyway for Mr. Floyd's death and I feel he is a victim as well. The clerk testify that his employer had a policy that if he accepted a counterfeit bill it would come out of his pay. (Corrected-- His supervisor called the police because it was the store policy.

I have worked in places in which that has been a policy I have also worked in placed in which if that store is robbed the clerk is responsible to replace the money stolen out of the drawer and that would come out of their paychecks.

I worked at a hotel (one of my first jobs) in which they had that policy and the person who trained me told me the first night( it was a night shift) She explained the policy and gave me her own experience. She said that she couldn't reach the alarm in time. One of the robbers hopped the counter and place a gun to her head. They tied her up demanded the safe combo but the owner trusted no one with it. lucky for her they believe the truth. They did take the cash drawer gagged her and left. The whole event took 10 minutes she spent the next 4 hours tied up and once freed and police called the first thing out of the owner's mouth was "How much did they get"? She explained with the intake of her shift and the drawer normal start they got $450.00 Which basically came out of 2 paychecks.

I asked why she didn't leave and I heard the answer I understood all too well. "I can't find another job". This paid 75 cents more than min wage and unfortunately in the area of PA where the average job that can be found pays min wage or maybe $1.00 more.

That poor clerk will probably feel guilty all his life and he shouldn't have to.

Isn't there a way to pass a law that would protect employees from being placed in a situation where they are punished for something that shouldn't be their fault.

I myself have had a counterfeit bill given to me by a store clerk who was given to him by the gentleman in line before me. I only found out it was counterfeit when I was trying to deposit it into my bank.

Now I expect to be slammed.
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