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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
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Did SCOTUS cut the legs from OSHA?

I have been thinking about the strike down of the vaccine mandate by OSHA and it has me worried that we will see employers starting to sue OSHA about safety rules they don't like. I worry this ruling has weakened OSHA. Am I wrong?

How is the business office able to get away with it?

My friend works for a medical corporation that sees patients on an inpatient/outpatient bases all across the country. They take medicare and are required because of that to have employees tested/ vaccinated HOWEVER they say all their business offices (customer service, insurance dealings and the like) aren't required to follow these guidelines.

Before OSHA was stuck down the offices required anyone not vaccinated to wear masks while in the office. She saw a lot more masks than she was comfortable with. The afternoon SCOTUS said OSHA couldn't require masking/vaccine the offices had been told mask are no longer required. My friend started using her PTO time and is looking for a position she can work from home. The company did allow this at the start of covid but now will not. Can this corporation get away from this? Shouldn't all aspects of the business be held to the Medicare standards?

Filibuster/voting rights the Manchin/Sinema issue

A lot of people will hate me for this post but why don't the Democrats play hard ball with them?

Start stripping them of the committee seats/Chairman







Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Committee on Veterans' Affairs

If they are going to stand in the way of protecting voting rights and basically allowing the state GOP to Provent people voting in 2022 & 2024 we shouldn't reward that action.

I think it is time MTV release the movie.

I wish I knew how to post pictures.

But look at most of the GOP candidates, and members.

Eric & Donald Jr (Trump)

Matt Gaetz

Andrew Giuliani

Beavis and Butthead do Sperm Donations

Step mother in law-- psycho

Just to warn you

So as you know I talk "Doctor" to the medical teams for the family. So I got a hold of the Dialysis center that does Sis in law treatments when she isn't in the hospital. I was told by the Dialysis center she is trying to get up when she shouldn't pulling and clamping lines Center tried to ask the home for someone (nurse's aid) to come with him they don't provide. So I call Father in law but Stepmother answered. I explained to her she and FIL should talk to the nursing home to see if the social worker to see SIL qualified for home health assistance so someone can meet her at her treatment keep her distracted while treatment is happening. She is like why shouldn't the nursing home provide an aide. I said they didn't. She then is like I will talk to the center administration surely they should have someone to do it.

Talk to Stepmom today. SIL is acting out always seeking food nursing home is this due to the brain issue and then she explain the nursing home (which has gotten the message I am pissed that it seems hardly anyone is answering or return my voicemails-will do better per stepmother) indicated she is acting out at times they are going to speak to the Nurse practitioner about a claiming medication. Stepmother goes on to explain she doesn't see why they are talking to the nurse when a doctor has to prescribe the medication. Before I can explain the nurse can and probably is the medical professional on site she starts talking about why SIL just can't be restraint to get her to behave. I am like PA laws do not allow it that if ever used it is very rare and min. Well, how do I know she wants to know the law and if it i allowed she will have FIL pay the Lawyer another $2600.00 to make them follow the rule and just restrain her when needed. I tried to remind her I have worked in home health settings and other settings I know a nursing home will not be bullied into doing something illegal and will kick SIL out. She said she is looking up the law and hung up on me.

Seriously wondering if Trump cancelled 1/6 event because he got a heads

Up on what AT Garland's Wednesday's conference will be about.

I don't want to jinks anything but I keep thinking there has to be more to that Wednesday news conference.

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