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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,024

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What is going on with the whole Geatz underage case thing?

At one point everyone expected Gaetz to get Perp walked any day now nothing about his getting arrested for the paying for sex/underage person.

HOLY CRAP!! I have heard story of Trump's temper. BUT Today...WOW

A friend of mine from college. Her Uncle a carpenter and also works in marble and stone Her family has done work for generations so they are known to be the best in the crafts. Her Uncle was working on 1 of Trump's building and she was helping him for the summer. She saw Trump throw things when he was Angry. Push people in his "entourage " when he visited the site. I was never surprised BUT today's hearing with what happen in the Beast floored me.

For the record. My friend saw Trump 4 times before her uncle had her do other jobs and kept her away from that site. The last time Trump was around her she was 16 and he felt her bottom. He then said to her uncle send her over to my corporate office in 2 years.

Trump never paid for the work her Uncle did and he ended up losing his business trying to get paid.

Guess who Could this be the surprise witness?

Why not get a poll or thread for guessing purpose:

My husband is thinking Pence or Narravo

A friend of mine sitting with us thought Sean Hannity

I am listening to CNN and MSNBC just to see if witness will announce, and I was thinking Steve Bannon may be coming in as a way to get out of his upcoming trail for contempt.

Jan 6th hearing for 6/28/22- Witness

Alex Holder the documentary film maker was depose on Thursday.

Why are they not announcing the witness?

This sounds crazy but can someone sue SCOTUS?

The first amendment separate Church and State so one religion isn't forced on another. There are some regions in our country approve of abortion. Can we sue SCOTUS for violation of the first amendment? Or the the 11th amendment?

Is the only recourse Congress passing a bill?

The Hypocrisy of the SCOTUS that really upsets me

I am sure others have said this but I need to vent.

They say states have no right to regulate guns -conceal carry them the next day states do have the right to regulate a woman's body!

Thank you for letting me vent.

Rachel Maddow will be live at 9pm. I need an hour of her tonight

Grateful for Rachel.

Wow another hearing and yet I feel like I've been sucker punched and I am

picking my jaw up off the floor. I thought I was informed and keeping up. I can't believe all the new stuff coming out.

I have hope Garland and DOJ are working this case against Trump and everyone and they are using the hearings to show the American Public the information so when there is a mass arrest and people get perp walked the people are prepared.

This documentary that Trump had made and everyone is taking about

are there any clips available?

So I got covid again.

I am upset. Mild symptoms. Hard part my taste was messed up from my first covid illness. Eating meat make me sick half the time. I haven't had chocolate since before covid 1. I can tolerate eating about 8 things on a regular basis without fear of making myself sick. Other things have weird taste. I am just now tolerating water. Well. Before this round.

Any suggestions or guidance?
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