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Grumpy Old Guy

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Member since: Mon Jan 25, 2021, 01:27 AM
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Thank you Democratic Underground for keeping me sane for the last four years. I think I was probably the longest lurker here. I started following DU during the Dubya administration. I was first attracted to the "Top Ten Conservative Idiots of the Week." I've been following along ever since. I always felt guilty for not participating, but refrained from doing so because I already spend way too much time online. However, after recent events, I just can't sit back any longer. I had to log on and thank you folks for all that you do. I'm a retired TV newscast director with forty years experience and more than eighteen thousand broadcasts under my belt, most of them live. I now travel the country (when I can) shooting landscape, astro and wildlife photography. You can see some of my photos at Ross-Kestin.Pixels.com or on Instagram at @oldguywithacamera. Thanks again! Ross K. Grumpy Old Guy

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Yes, we have wild parrots in Los Angeles.

EDIT: i added one of the original uncropped images to this post.

Don't ask where they came from, because everyone will give you a different opinion. Some people think they escaped from Busch Gardens. Other people think they just escaped from their owners, or were released by them. There is also a theory that an aviary caught fire in the fifties and they were released then. Still, some folks think they just flew here from Mexico. You can hear them passing over nearly everyday because they are extremely noisy and can be heard from a good distance away.

No matter how they got here, they are always a treat to see. They are, however, very difficult to photograph, because they are extremely fast and never stay in one place very long. They also prefer very tall trees.

My wife and I were walking our dogs the other day when we startled a small flock that was perched in a very low tree. They flew right over my head, missing me by inches. I followed them down the block where they had landed in someone's apple tree. These are pics of them gorging themselves on the apples.

I've been told that the official species is mitered parakeet or mitered conure. They are much larger than the pet parakeets we are familiar with, almost as big as Amazons.

For those who are interested in the technical stuff, here is the info. I usually take my Canon EOS T6s crop sensor DSLR on my neighborhood walks. Lately I've been using the EF-S 18-135mm lens, which is equivalent to a 27-200mm on a full frame camera. I shot these at f/8, 1/2000th second, ISO auto. The really cool thing is that these are extreme crops. A 200mm lens really isn't long enough for wildlife and birds. However, I'm able to crop down to a very small percentage of the original image using Topaz SharpenAI. Topaz really has changed the way I shoot. These shots would not have been possible with this camera and lens without it. The last image is one of the original uncropped files.



This next one needs a little work. It's too dark.

This is one of the original uncropped images. It's the first photo that I posted above.

Posted by Grumpy Old Guy | Wed Jun 16, 2021, 12:31 AM (33 replies)

Thank you! 😊

Posted by Grumpy Old Guy | Thu Jun 3, 2021, 08:32 AM (0 replies)

Wild horses couldn't drag me away.

EDIT: I am deleting the first photo, because it has been suggested that the location could possibly be determined by the mountains in the background. Thanks!

I had a real bucket list experience last week. I hope you can find it as breathtaking and amazing as I did.

I've known about this herd of wild horses in the California Mountains for a few years. It took me over a year to learn their location, and due to Covid, another year to finally get to see them in person. Please don't ask me where they are, because I won't reveal it. The last thing these beautiful creatures need is for a horde of Instagrammers to show up with their selfie sticks. We've all seen the incidents at places like Yosemite and Yellowstone. I do have mixed feelings posting them online myself, but I may delete them after a week or so.

I hope you enjoy them. I'll eventually be making prints available if anyone would like them. Also, I have about eight hundred more images to sort through.



Posted by Grumpy Old Guy | Tue Jun 1, 2021, 04:51 PM (69 replies)
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