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Member since: Tue Jan 26, 2021, 01:58 PM
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school lunches

I wish I knew how to post my 6'5" athlete grandson's high school lunch. They feed more than that to daycare children. 3 pieces of protein that looked like baby puppy turds... plain rice and 9 of those horrible little cardboard carrots. Should I mention the carton of fat free chocolate milk and packet of ketchup ? I'm told the USDA is in charge of portions... so this is federal. Small frame or large - that's what they get. It's appalling and sickening. Of course they expect him to play basketball before he gets any more food.

Betty was almost done living her 100th

She was 18 days from starting to live her 101st. You gotta live it before you claim it. Nobody is born at 1. What a lady
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