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In the Old West, civilians were instructed by signs to turn their guns in at the Sheriff's office.

In the Old West, civilians were instructed by signs to turn their guns in at the Sheriff's office to be held until they left town.

Dodge City was one such town.


"""The laws of Tombstone at the time required visitors, upon entering town to disarm, either at a hotel or a lawman's office. (Residents of many famed cattle towns, such as Dodge City, Abilene, and Deadwood, had similar restrictions.) """


""Guns were obviously widespread on the frontier. Out in the untamed wilderness, you needed a gun to be safe from bandits, natives, and wildlife. In the cities and towns of the West, however, the law often prohibited people from toting their guns around. A visitor arriving in Wichita, Kansas in 1873, the heart of the Wild West era, would have seen signs declaring, "Leave Your Revolvers At Police Headquarters, and Get a Check."

A check? That's right. When you entered a frontier town, you were legally required to leave your guns at the stables on the outskirts of town or drop them off with the sheriff, who would give you a token in exchange. You checked your guns then like you'd check your overcoat today at a Boston restaurant in winter. Visitors were welcome, but their guns were not. """"

Me vs. every Evangelical that I meet.

Me: How old is the earth?

Evangelical: Seven thousand years old.

Me: How old is the universe?

Evangelical: We aren't sure, maybe seven thousand years old, maybe forever.

Me: How long has God been around?

Evangelical: Oh, well, God has been around forever.

Me: So, how can we human earth creatues be THAT important if God has been around for all time and we've only been around for seven thousand years?! How special are we? What was God doing with all of his free time?

* crickets *

A man died after getting attacked by bystanders when he drove his car onto a sidewalk in attempts to

Source: CNN

A man died after driving onto a sidewalk in attempts to strike pedestrians before bystanders pulled him out of the car and allegedly attacked him in California Saturday.

The driver was involved in a verbal altercation around midnight inside a business in Hawthorne, after which he was asked to leave, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) said in a news release. Hawthorne is about 15 miles from Los Angeles.
The man left but returned and drove his truck onto the sidewalk, nearly hitting multiple people, according to the release. He eventually lost control of his car and struck a tree.

Bystanders then tried to pull the man out of his truck but he was able to speed away before crashing into a building. The bystanders then pulled him out the car and a "physical altercation ensued," the release said.

"Hawthorne Police officers saw the driver lying on the ground, suffering what appeared to be blunt force trauma," the LASD said. "Paramedics provided life-saving measures, but he was pronounced deceased on scene."

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/10/us/california-man-dies-drives-sidewalk-beaten-pedestrian/index.html

Hate begets hate.
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