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WarGamer's Journal
WarGamer's Journal
July 16, 2024

Secret Service Command Center warned of "Suspicious Man with a Laser Rangefinder" 30 min before attack.

Local LEO called in report of man with a rangefinder to the SS Command Center.

Biden should FIRE SS Director today.

The buck stops there even if it wasn't her fault.


The irony is... there were THREE law enforcement snipers INSIDE the building Crooks was crawling on top of...

July 15, 2024

VP pick is in... IT's JD Vance *official.

437PM EST announcement

Haley, Youngkin and Tim Scott unlikely...

July 15, 2024

Todays selection of VP by Trump will tell us all WHO is running the show...

If Trump is merely a surrogate for Musk, Thiel and the "tech bros"... it'll be JD Vance.

Vance isn't a conventional or particularly logical choice to bring new voters to the ballot box.

I'd say he brings NOTHING to the ticket OTHER THAN young white male misogynist "chads"...

July 14, 2024

Some who read my posts know I like history... Trump and Caesar/Mark Antony and the bloody cloth

After the assassination of Julius Caesar, to avoid all out civil war, the anti-Caesar forces formed a makeshift truce with Marcus Antonius, AKA Mark Antony.

This produced a state of peace in Rome and part of the agreement was that Antony would be given an opportunity to speak at the funeral of Julius Caesar.

To the shock of observers, Antony went on an emotional rant, eulogizing Caesar in a fiery and vengeful tone, waving a bloody piece of Caesars attire ... the crowd went nuts.

Within a couple years, many anti-Caesar conspirators were dead...

Now it's not 44BCE and I don't see a civil war as a consequence, but will Trump take the "good vibes" exhibited by Biden and the Dems and respond in kind...

Or will he come out and hang this around the neck of the opposition...

Just my thoughts.

July 14, 2024

Why is it so hard to dispel disinformation on DU?

Kyles mom drove him across state lines, Trump Tower had a cyberlink to Alfa Bank in Moscow and Trump was hit by shards of glass during the shooting.

Re: the glass myth. Where did the glass come from? The sky? The teleprompters were quite intact AND they weren't in the line of fire anyways...

The screens were in front of Trump and the shots came from almost 90 degrees to the right of the podium.

These facts have been confirmed by a dozen posters on DU but the nonsense continues... sheesh.

July 14, 2024

Ronny Jackson's nephew was at the rally... struck by gunfire.

Minor injury, just a graze wound to the neck.

Was seated below and to Trump's right...

Maybe that helps those curious about trajectory.

July 14, 2024

Want to clear up a few things. The shooting...

Shooter crawled across a nearby rooftop, crowd saw the shooter and yelled and pointed as Secret Service officers for TWO MINUTES before the shooting.

Shooter used an AR style rifle.

Depending on load and experience level, a 100yd shot is doable.

the 5.56 bullet is particularly susceptible to wind drift...

You could hear by the shooting, he squeezed off the accurate shot and then fired a half dozen in rapid fire mode.

TWO attendees were hit by rounds. One dead.

I think the first shot hit him.

At first glance... Secret Service failure to secure all roof tops.

Secret Service responded quickly and ended the incident with a head shot

Anyone know how to post the image below? Without clicking?


July 13, 2024

A wager on Biden might be a money maker...

According to this article, odds just hit 18:1 reflecting a 5% chance of Biden winning in NOvember...

In reality it's closer to a 50/50 election so I'm considering a wager...

$500 would pay for a $9k vacation.


Joe Biden's odds of winning reelection in November fell to an all-time low with one bookmaker after the president made a number of gaffes at media events on Thursday around the NATO summit in Washington, D.C.

The Betfair odds on Biden gaining a second White House term later this year fell from 9/1 (10 percent) on Thursday before the president's latest gaffes, to 18/1 (5.3 percent) in the immediate aftermath before climbing back to 10/1 (9.1 percent) on Friday morning.

* BETFAIR doesn't operate in the USA... but there are choices here.
July 12, 2024

In baseball... you don't bench the 21-5 record pitcher because he got touched up last week.

It's Game 7 of the World Series... your top pitcher has won 4 games in the playoffs but in Game 3 of the World Series he gave up 5 runs in 3 innings and left early.

This is the pitchers 4th playoff appearance and he's proven over and over again he's a winner.

Benching the top pitcher in favor of the #2 or #3 pitcher in a clutch game isn't done...

You hand the ball to the guy who's been there and done that. When you absolutely positively need the win... you go with experience and proven success.

** If Joe does drop out... and DEMS lose in 2024, I hope all those people wear that albatross around their neck for the rest of their lives.

July 10, 2024

the ONE consistently GOOD thing about polling for the last few months...

Some might not like the Presidential poll results...

But in those SAME polls...

Our Senate candidates are KILLING IT.

This was projected to be a very vulnerable cycle for the DEMS and a likely LOSS of the Senate.

Not really...

The following are looking DAMN GOOD... meaning UP in every poll I've seen for months

AZ - Gallego

WI - Baldwin

MI - Slotkin

NV - Rosen

OH - Brown

PA - Casey

MT- Tester looks to be in a close fight...

FL - Mucarsel-Powell looks to be within striking distance of Rick Scott.

On the not so hot side of the thing...

WV - Manchin's seat is gone.

MD - Just not much polling... It appears to be a toss-up.

I can see a 50/50 Senate in 2025.

51 GOP seats tops... even with a good night for Trump.

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