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WarGamer's Journal
WarGamer's Journal
April 3, 2024

Zelenskyy signs law lowering age limit for conscription to 25

The AFU is fielding an army with an average age in the 40's... but as they run low of troops, they need more young soldiers. Previously, this has been controversial and the gov't hasn't aggressively pursued those in their 20's who don't show up for duty.

As Russia gains ground the pressure is on to grow the forces...


March 30, 2024

US urged Ukraine to halt strikes on Russian oil refineries

White House concerned about Election year oil prices skyrocketing.


“Nothing terrifies a sitting American president more than a surge in pump prices during an election year,” said Bob McNally, president of consultancy Rapidan Energy and a former White House energy adviser.

March 30, 2024

Possibly more disturbing than the Biden truck tailgate decal...

When I read the headlines I wanted to see what was up. So I googled.

Found out that it's common for retailers to sell these vinyl decals that adhere to a truck tailgate that fool people into thinking something is in the bed.

Some are funny.

Most are disgusting. There are dozens for sale that show women tied and gagged, some wearing sexy clothing, some with tussled hair... total rape and kidnapping connotation.

I won't link them but it's testament to the depraved state of mind SOME folks live with...

You see, the chance of anyone kidnapping POTUS is nil... but women are raped and or kidnapped daily. And this seems to either condone it or make it funny.


March 27, 2024

Why I don't grave dance...

After the passing of RBG... I saw the interwebz littered with knuckle dragging troglodytes talking trash about her...

A really good hearted and kind woman who served her country loyally...

If partisanship can make people so... inhuman...

I'll pass.

March 26, 2024

The irony... the same week #DonPoorleone was trending... for the first time EVER, Trump makes Bloomberg's Top 500

Decades of being a real estate shyster, errr... mogul...

And he never made the Bloomberg list.

Now launches a rather worthless social media site with probably no more users than DU... and doubles his net worth.

*however... I think the "on paper" value of DJT is purely based on his running for POTUS and winning. I don't think ANYONE can imagine this ticker surviving a November loss.


Former President Donald Trump has joined the ranks of the biggest billionaires in the world, thanks largely to his stake in a social-media company that soared on its first day of trading.

Trump’s net worth has surged this week, qualifying him for a spot on Bloomberg’s Billionaires list, the news outlet reported late Monday. It calculated his net worth at roughly $6.5 billion.
March 25, 2024

On an otherwise DOWN DAY on the market... Trump stock gains 40+%

Like I was saying last week... DWAC, soon to be DJT will serve as the next major slush fund for Trump.

Bottom line: Trump owns 79,000,000 shares...

When the stock goes up by $1, his net worth "on paper" goes up by $79,000,000

Earnings don't matter... or lack thereof...

As of today, Trump's stake in the company is 79 million x around 52/share...

Or 4+ billion dollars.

And it's all legal. Nothing illegal about ANYONE in the world buying US stocks.

I guaran-damn-tee you that the Saudis and probably the Russians are buying the stock.

March 25, 2024

Just my own thoughts on WHY so many people are frustrated and shocked today...

And the answer is my favorite topic.

Misinformation from pundits.

"Massive judgement DEVASTATES Trump Organization"

"In my 40 year career, never seen a more open and shut case..."

"A career wrecking prosecution... he's done"

"Donald Poorleone"...

One more time. TV, digital and print media sources EXIST to make money.

Fox News doesn't make MONEY when THEIR AUDIENCE hears bad news about TRUMP.

And MSNBC loses money when they take it easy on Trump.


These media outlets hire CONTENT CREATORS who might be former US prosecutors with a shady history... or Harvard professors... or even a Twitter lawyer with her name in her username...

These content creators are NOT paid to provide expert advice and discussion on complicated topics like the legal system

In reality they're no different than the Doctors who sell boner pills on late night TV commercials... they use their name and title to lend legitimacy to what they're selling.

Anyway, I have to get back to my stock market trading... a busy day today. Just wanted to share these thoughts.

In conclusion, don't believe what you see on TV or the internet... it's ALWAYS about the money.

March 22, 2024

Fresh hot polls... mixed news from MI and WI.

Wed 3/20 Emerson/Hill...

In Michigan, Slotkin +2 over Rogers.

In Wisconsin, Baldwin over Hovde by +3

Crucial to hold the Senate.

I won't include the Biden v Trump polling... go read it if you wish.


March 20, 2024

Coincidence? Trump's net worth increases by $480M today...

Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys

--Emma Bull

As I posted yesterday, it appears the Trump SPAC merging with Trump Media and Technology Group will act as a combination slush fund/Super PAC/dark money source for Trump.

DWAC is way up today, over $6 per share and Trumps stake is 79 million shares.

Too politically "hot" to loan Trump money? Then buy the stock. Can't wire money out of Moscow to DJT?

Then have someone buy stock.

The merger vote is set for Friday, if it passes... Trump has instantly made more money than after decades of slum lording, licensing and the occasional steak, wine bottle or university class.

Keep your eye on the stock... it's where the dark money is.

THAT will be the collateral that funds the Bond before Monday.

He can't SELL the stock for 6 months but it can be collateral.
March 19, 2024

My THEORY re: Trump and the bond payment...

Many of you already know this but I'll summarize.

Now I'm going to really over-simplify this part.

In the stock market there are these groups of investors who form a company (A SPAC, special purpose acquisition company) that has the sole purpose of finding a company to merge with.

So a SPAC named DWAC made a deal with Trump to take his new company "Trump Media and Technology Group" public.

Part of the deal awarded Trump 79 million shares in the post merger company.

After several delays, the final vote for merger is this Friday, 3/22

When the merger is complete, Trump's stake in the company, 79 million shares is worth around $2-3B

Earlier this year when DWAC was 50/share it was closer to $4B

SO my theory is... if/when the merger is complete, on Friday... Trump has a deal worked out with an insurance company to hold his stake or a portion of it as collateral for the Bond.

There is a 6 month waiting period before Trump or the insurance company can sell it however.

But 6 months is still before the election...

And knowing the market like I do... I think retail traders, AKA Trump fans will pump up the price of the stock after the merger and after the convention, etc...

The insurance company might demand an enormous amount of the stake... maybe $2B worth to cover the 500M bond due to the volatility of the company.

Also remember... after the merger, it's a perfect vehicle for foreign gov't to support Trump. FOr example the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund could buy $500m worth of shares to pump up the stock price.

That's my theory.

Deeper reading:


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