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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,512

Journal Archives

The situation in Mariupol:


2000 soldiers is not enough to establish a perimeter around the steel plant. If the Ivans keep ordering suicide mission assaults ivan six pack will start fragging the officers.

I believe this is drone footage of the Mariupol steel plant today:



Life today in free Mykolaiv


Really interesting thread with many pictures.

NPRs Tim Mak: The Dogs and Goats of war


Sounds like the Russians are actually trying to storm

the Mariupol steel plant today. That would be Putin's May 9 victory. They're probably being ordered to advance at gunpoint by the officers.
We'll see what happens.

The Russian naval blockade is an enormous problem

the allies have yet to solve. I read a rumor a British anti-ship missile system may be on the way. That would send the Russian ships fleeing but the threat of submarine attack would remain. The only solution would be nato ship convoys ala WW II.


That old black magic in Ukraine.


Apparently reality is sinking in and it needs an explanation.

Boston Covid wastewater:

Now it's ticked up a bit, but only a bit;


I know it won't go anywhere but Congress ought to subpoena

these clowns and let them explain why they lied during there confirmation hearings. They will whine that are exempt from process but make them sweat a little.

The actual whole Ukraine picture:

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