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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,499

Journal Archives

Some Rhode Island Beaches not named Bailey's.

If you've been by Bailey's Beach in Newport you know the beach itself isn't that great. Grey sand. It's Narragansett Bay so the waves are tiny. OK for a little kid, but not the real ocean beach experience. Yes can do better.
Head down to the south shore. The real ocean. Check out a place called Blue Shutters Beach, the town beach of Charlestown, RI. Anyone can go there (not true of a lot of New England town beaches). Best to get there early. Way early on a weekend. The parking lot is adequate but not huge. It has facilities and a snack bar. Because the parking is limited the beach is never crowded. Great waves and on a nice day a view all the way to Block Island that the wealthy in Newport can only envy.
Another nearby spot is East Beach. Just keep driving around the bend from Blue Shutters and go for a little bit. It's a state beach. Go early because it's a very small parking lot. The facilities are just portable toilets. But the beach! A very long stretch of sand. Maybe a mile. And because of the limited parking it's always deserted. Same waves and great view as Blue Shutters.
Still insist on hanging with the wealthy? I have an answer. Look for the town of Watch Hill. This time go incredibly early. Drive through the main drag until you get to the old carousel. Take the left up the hill. Your looking for a little parking lot on the left. It's tiny, that's why have to get there way early. Pay the fee, park and grab your stuff. Make the little hike the rest of the way up the hill and you'll come to the marked right of way to the beach. It's the very same beach that's used by the owners of the enormous mansions on the hill. If you feel like it, stick your beach umbrella right next to the ones belonging to the Ocean House Hotel on top of the cliff. Your umbrella is free. Theirs is costing north of a $1000 a night. The only down side is no facilities. I've got an answer! Pack up your gear in the early afternoon, head to the car and drive down to the main drag. During the week, and always go during the week, you should be able to find a parking spot.
You're looking for a place called the Olympia Tea Room. Been there forever. Wood booths. Order the lemonade. It comes in a big glass and is fresh squeezed right in front of you. For desert order an Avondale Swan, an ice cream concoction in the shape of a swan, swimming in a sea of chocolate.
And while you're there check out your fellow diners. That enormous white mansion you saw at the top of the cliff? It belongs to a young lady named Taylor Swift. The Tearoom is a favorite hangout. And Conan O'Brien bought his parents' place. He might be in town too


Check this out! How hot is my wife!

A few months ago I put up a post mentioning that my wife Sarah Ruden had just authored a new translation of The Gospels, published by Random House. The hour long video is of an interview she did with a professor from Regent College in Canada. In it she explains some of the difficulties of translating The Bible and why her translation is just the cat's meow.
My wife is hot! There is just something about those Harvard girls!

RFK announces the death of MLK

The video starts up about 30 seconds in.
There aren't a lot of politicians out there who can recite Aeschylus from memory.

The Anti-Mar-A-Lago? Bailey's Beach Club, RI

Bailey's Beach Club has been in the news, with Sheldon Whitehouse. Here's a little video showing some of it. Not very luxe. No marble or gold plated fixtures. Trump would hate it. And I suspect they would hate Trump.
You can see some pictures of the outside on the net. Basically two long wings of large cabanas flanking a two story wooden club house, probably featuring a restaurant. The pool and tennis courts must be in back. Pretty low key.
Now I wonder who those people are in the video?

Dedicated to all the DUers

On this holiday long weekend.
All the best from Cole Porter and Ella Fitzgerald!

Did Trump get anything right?

Well, it's a lazy holiday afternoon. I'll just throw this one out there for fun. I'll begin by saying my opinion of Trump was fixed long before he ever ran for president. I follow the New York tabloids. I knew Trump was a liar, a fraud and a grifter way back in the 90s. And given what he has done since last November I think he is a far more dangerous threat to democracy than even some people realize. When he runs in 2024 our democracy will be under greater threat than at any time since the Civil War.
Given all that, did he get anything right? I came up with a few thoughts.
1. He was opposed to these horrible foreign interventions. He didn't get us into any new ones and he began the process to get us out of Afghanistan.
2. North Korea. Nothing else has worked. I thought the idea of meeting face to face was worth a try. It didn't work out. But I give him some credit for trying.
3. China trade. I think he made a start. I believe even Paul Krugman wrote a column saying that Trump was on to something. China's protectionist policies, their theft of our intellectual property, the onerous requirements they put on our companies trying to entire the China market, they all constitute an existential threat to our economic well being.
I thought about listing immigration. But he was too much of a clown to do that right. I believe in greatly expanded legal immigration. But I am opposed to illegal immigration. I'm not the only one. Just check out the deportation numbers under President Obama as opposed to Trump.
That's about what I could come up with. For some crazy reason I suspect that someone out there will disagree.

Have some respect! It was my Wedding Song

Words and music by Cole Porter, of course.

The Boy From Oz sings about his Mother-in-Law

One great talent pays tribute to another.
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