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Tomconroy's Journal
Tomconroy's Journal
August 31, 2021

Dr. Faucci should speak out about sports events.

Major League Baseball and Nascar have been going on all summer. Football is about to start. But these events are not requiring vaccines to enter.
We are way beyond the point of debating whether this is a good thing. They are going to happen. It's been going on all summer apparently without incident. But common sense and good policy indicate that we would all be better off if spectator events require proof of vaccination.
Dr. Faucci, President Biden and others should start doing a little public shaming on sports owners to require spectator vaccination. Bill DeBlasio did a number on the tennis mavens who run the US Open to force them to require two jabs. Some of these stadiums are publicly owned.
Sports events are an opportunity to increase the vax. We should start talking about it.
Talking about banning sports events is about as useful as calling for the revival of prohibition. But we can do something sensible.

August 31, 2021

How About You? - Michael Feinstein

I'm mad about good books, can't get my fill!
And Franklin Roosevelt's looks give me a thrill!
August 31, 2021

What are our Goals in Dealing With Covid?

The New York Times has an interesting op ed up today urging us to think about the country's goals in dealing with op-ed. They point out that if the goal is to eliminate Covid then very restrictive policies on human activities are appropriate. They question though (as do I) whether that is a realistic goal and implicitly suggest that a more realistic goal is to learn to live with a condition that is likely going to always be with us. If that's the case then getting things back to normal as much as possible should be the direction for public policy (Well, at least I suggest that).
They deal with the issue of public schools. Is the goal the safety of every child? Then obviously remote schooling is best. Is the goal the best educational and social experience for children despite a disease that likely will always be with us? Then in school teaching is the appropriate policy.
They also touch on the subject of masks in school. The goal seems to be mandatory masks until a vaccine is available for children is available. But they point out that the vaccine rate for 12 - 15 year olds is terrible. Just 30 percent going into the school year.
Anyway the article made me think which I guess is a good thing.


Paywalled, unfortunately.

PS They never get really explicit in recommending things but I think they are implicitly saying that Covid will be like the flu. There will be good years and bad years. Some people will get annual boosters. Some won't. Some people will end up in the hospital and some will die. What policies are appropriate for managing a recurring condition? At least I think they are saying that.

PPS They made a big point that the UK decided not to impose mask mandates on children. I wonder what thinking went into that decision?

August 30, 2021

You know life is good when.....

The toughest decision you have in life is: What day should I leave on vacation?

August 30, 2021

Vaccine power serve at the US Tennis Open

There was kind of a fun story in the NYTimes today about the US Tennis Open. It seems tennis officials had no plans to require vaccines or Covid tests from spectators. When Mayor De Blasio found out he was a tad upset. After some discussion he told the tennis mavens: Do what you want but if it rains the roof on the stadium is staying open!
Apparently the tennis mavens thought about what a long rain delay would do to their tv schedule and are now requiring proof of full vaccination.
Point, Set and Match to the Mayor!


August 30, 2021

The new Covid Surge in Israel - CNBC

This seems like a good article about the new surge of Covid in Israel. The country is 63 percent fully vaxxed. Although new cases are exceeding totals from last January, deaths and hospitalizations are far lower. The vaccine without a booster remains highly effective against serious illness and death. They are eager to roll out the booster. The country will not go into lockdown again


August 30, 2021

The Rolling Stones' smallest concert?

The death of Charlie Watts reminded me that the Rolling Stones have a connection to New Haven, CT. In 1989 they were rehearsing for the Steel Wheels Tour in Litchfield County CT because Keith Richards had an estate there. They made a decision they wanted to play before a live audience before they hit the road. They selected the longtime music venue Toad's Place in New Haven. It's still there. No publicity. Secrecy was at an absolute premium. You just had to be there that night or get a phone call from the club before the pay phone was cut off and the doors were locked. Nobody called me but I did know somebody who knew somebody who did get the call.
The Stones played eleven songs and then hung around and drank with the few hundred present.
Who says nothing ever happens in this little town?


August 29, 2021

Charlie Watts: Married 57 years and a dog lover!

I apologize for all the junk from the New York Post, but the picture is really nice:


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