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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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I remind folks that Jordon is treating the insurrection the same way he did his sex-related scandel:

lying, deceiving, and projecting.

Wonder how many law suits are out there against FOX and other RW media to cause change in vaxx

tune? I bet some individual GOP have some suits against them too. DeSantas had better watch it.

I hope there is one out there against MTG that takes all that money she has grifted.

So all McCarthy, Jordon and Banks can do now is try blaming the victims for Jan 6? nt

So, how do DUers feel about Bezos' Awards? nt

What changed Hannity's tune about COVID and the vaccine?

Doe s he or someone in his family have Delta or some other variant that even Regeneronís monoclonal antibody treatment doesn't handle?

I was not a Bezos fan but I do believe the media should cover more of the philanthropic segment of

Blue Origin event than they are doing now. The wealthy always try to out-do one another with their big egos. Perhaps the Bezos haters among them might want to match or out-do his $100 million awards???

I know that had to send Trump over the edge.

Why was it only FOX that covered the entire philanthropic event by Bezos? MSNBC and CNN cut away.

WOW! No need to send Trump to prison now. Bezos just gave him the greatest punishment he will

have to endure: a really, really rich man doing good for humanity. Hats off to Bezos who must have delivered a crushing punch to the gut of all the insurrectionists and MAGAs. Congratulations to Van Jones and the Chef! May they make wise decisions in their giving.

congratulations to Blue Origin!! Here is what I hope the Bezos brothers give SOME attention to:

Making guns that do not kill and posting the first gun ban for space!

Anyone think it would help some of the MAGAs change their minds about Trump if they viewed

the documentary Truth and Lies: Jonestown?? The docu on Jim Jones.
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