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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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Bring back the Fairness Doctrine!! NOW nt

It's becoming quite clear that our laws and Constitution mean very little and are failing us

otherwise, at least half of the Trump administration would be behind bars now and he would be about to be sentenced and barred from ever holding any office of public trust and no one arrested for taking part in the Jan 6 insurrection would be free now.

Michael Cohen told us exactly what Trump would do if he lost the election. The networks were so

busy trying to discredit most of what he said they slanted their reporting so that he would not be taken seriously. Same thing with Amarosa.

The situation in Little Rock is so dire regarding COVID, should Bill Clinton go and try his

persuasive powers?

The voters just wouldn't believe what ordinary black folks were telling them about Trump in 2015.

Dismissed until proven right once again.

PBS or CNN or MSNBC might do the nation a public service if

they ran the documentary series Hitler's Circle of Evil (now on Netflix). It was jaw dropping. You could almost match one for one Trumps synchophants. One can not only see Trumps ignorant evil supports but one can see themselves. Who would you be?

This is an old documentary but I highly recommend watching it now. "The Last Days"

About the Nazi/Hitler move against Hungary. Two things stuck out in my mind after watching this and those two things were shown early on in the video. (1) That to Hitler and the Nazis it became more important to kill Jews than to give more attention to resources and attention to winning in Europe. (2) What happened in Hungry to allow the massacre was done gradually.

Banking is becoming more and more of a corrupt, criminal enterprise.

I deposited $2500 into my daughter's account (check, not cash since they don't allow direct cash deposits into another person's account.) We bank in the same state, same county but different banks (Sun Trust) and a Federal Credit Union.. The money was drawn out of my account on the next business day. Her bank put a 10-day hold on the money even though my bank withdrew the cash from my account the very next day. Four days later, her bank showed the money in her account, however there were $70 in fees charged because there was a 10-day hold and not the three-day hold she was expecting.

It's a damn racket because this has also happened to me with even some insurance and government benefits checks that I have deposited. AND it seems to be even worse for electronic transactions. What can be done about these kind of bank processing procedures. Are banks, because of their fee, forcing more and more people to use bitcoin? $3.50 is charged for a mere ATM withdraw no matter how much the withdraw is. There ought to be a law against what is happening to consumers in the banking industry as well as other industries.

The MAGAs keep pushing August for returning Trump to office...is this why?

The biggest ransomware attack MAY be facing us. Trump and his supporters inside and outside of Congress may be working with Russia to hold the entire country hostage through a huge ransomware attack. I would not put it past them.

Biden needs to pull out all the stops in cyberwarfare. The resistance of some GOP in Congress to give Biden the money he is requesting for his infrastructure may hide within it the prevention of a more robust cyber security effort.

"...and his failed sons, Don Jr. and whatshisname..."

Joy Reid tonight. Her snark has me ROLOFLO!
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