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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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I remind TFAKEG, WJC, HRC, Bush, Obama, Biden have all shown their taxes as candidates and then

except for HRC, as President.

So, Russia, if you are listening, go after the tax records because every Russian and other scumbag who hitched their wagon to Trump's star is about to go bust right along with him. And all you banks to which he owes money...good luck with that!

Remember, TFG, really stands for the "fake" guy!

That's what he needs to be called out on. Everything about Trump is "fake." His fake "fakeness" about the election, the media, the pandemic, the 2016 election, his fake wealth, his fake "intelligence," his fake patriotism and on and on. We need flags and banners identifying him and his MAGA as FAKE. FAKE patriots.

Yes, it's a "witch hunt" but which hunt is it? There are so many corrupt, dishonest practices by 45

WHICH one to concentrate on is the question. It's "witch" hunt but "which" hunt?

So what did Biden feed the L.A. Champs?

Asking for a friend.

Something I believe is not getting any or enough attention re Trump Co indictments today.

Listening to Rachel on this subject and especially her last guest it occurs to me that perhaps part of this investigation should involve the IRS Inspector General. I feel the same way the Trump's lawyers do, with these kind of obvious an blatant illegalities and corruption, the IRS should have been on this as far back as at least 2015. The only plausible explanation, to me, that 45 had stooges and corrupt entities within the IRS to protect him and his companies.

Congress should be investigating with their oversight authorities why the IRS did nothing about this tax corruption for so many years.

Anybody else think so?
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