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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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And another mass murder is escorted by police while black kids and unarmed black men and women

are shot and killed or choked to death by police for no legitimate reason. This shit is maddening. And every G-D excise is being sought so this killer can be turned into a victim. My head is bursting and my heart is breaking for the families of those murdered in CO today. When will it stop? Will it ever stop? Gun control must be the next big thing after voting rights. Sick to death of this shit!

Is the Trump appointed DOJ spokesperson attempting to thwart the cases against Jan 6

insurrectionists by appearing on 60 Minutes? I don't put anything past the MAGAs

Is the RW war against "cancel culture" really a war against accountability?

I am all for forgiveness and repentance and second chances. But not without accountability.

It appears, to me, that this recent outcry against calling into account anyone we don't like and supporting those we do like in the name of a "war against cancel culture" is being used as another ploy by Trump minions and the fascist RW to excuse and permit their evil racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

Taken to the where I believe they, the RW, want to go means that they want to cancel accountability for Jan 6. Just watch how the conversations go from now on on FOX. Looks like they snagged MoJO and guests into their web. Bill Maher is fully on board.

Am I wrong?

On the filibuster:

Get rid of the filibuster NOW. Put it back later if you want to. But we need to pass legislation while we can. Screw Mitch McConnell and the other GOP Putin apologists.

Just thinking out loud.

The Chinese largely built America's railroad in the past. Is there a chance for a mutual deal with them to help us build back better our railroads of the future? Why is it virtually impossible to deal over mutual interests with countries? Japan? Korea?

Malcom Kenyatta is my new PA hero. Pay attention to him. He is going far.

He is not pushed around and cannot be bullied.

Catch his MSNBC on the stream. He is running for US Senate to replace Toomey.

Here is my poster for the 2021. I just don't know how to do the artwork but you are welcome to.


Well, it looks like the Trump/Putin alliance has sufficiently divided America to its weakest global

position ever. The world watches as the internal divisions, stoked by the Trump-GOP pact, have positioned America to its lowest level of international power and disrespect in our history. I do not believe we were ever so divided as we are now.

So about the Russia-China alliance

China does realize that the Trump-Putin alliance is what turned a lot of US citizens AGAINST China and Chinese people, right???
Trump and the GOP continue to forge ahead with the China hate. Trump with the help of his groveling GOP is responsible for ushering in a new era of Russian power with the help of the white supremacist movement and the ultra sophisticated use of GOP and Trump messaging.

Putin was smart engaging Trump early in the game. He recognized that someone with Trump's ego and ignorance could be used to accomplish what Putin has wanted for the past 60 or more years. Trump practically handed Trump America and NATO on a silver platter. It's easier now for Putin to take over since Trump did such a fine job of dividing America to the point of irreversible weakness. Oh sure, we have the weapons to engage but no longer do we have the patriotic will to protect ourselves. As long as the GOP is in power they will do whatever it takes domestically to protect themselves, even if it means thwarting laws that would hold them accountable.


172 GOP vote against extending the Violence Against Women Act.

If Democrats continue to govern as though they will lose in 2022, they WILL lose in 2022. We need to begin by fighting back as though we know we ARE going to win in 2022 and take on the like of Mitch and the MAGAs in the House and Senate. We have nothing to lose at this point. We need to go down fighting, sticking together even over issues with which we do not entirely agree.

We need to act to achieve a solid majority in the Senate and the House. Get out there and promote the good that Biden has done thus far. It seems to me that the GOP is doing damage to themselves with their inhumane and grotesque behavior in the House and the Senate. Call them out and take them on! Stand up to the bullies. There are many folk who used to vote GOP who are now disgusted with them. Build on their disgust and don't give up!

Destroy the filibuster NOW! Pass what you want and let the chips fall where they may.
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