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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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Should families of the unvaxxed get funeral assistance from the Feds?

originally it was intended that deaths from COVID BEFORE a vaccination was available would received funeral assistance from the Feds.
Why should purposely unvaxxed receive that benefit when the unvaxxed are causing many deaths and much illness by their actions. Knowing that no funeral assistance is available if death from COVID for the unvaxxed might even push some in families to encourage vaccination of their unvaxxed family member.

Manchin continues to give fuel to the insurrectionists by fighting so hard and publicly against Joe

It just shouldn't be this hard to pass legislation for the people who work hard, pay their taxes and take on the uniform and fight on the battle fields to protect us and to protect our "democracy." This 3.5 trillion is over ten years and puts much more back into the Federal coffers than any tax cut ever passed by the GOP.

We really need to work hard to get at least two more Senators who will work for the majority of US citizens.

After today's Gymnasts hearing it seems the BLM and GYM may be joined by police reform objectives.

Especially on elimination of qualified immunity.

Joy Reid still has the best before 9 show to me.

Her guests are great and tell the inconvenient truth.

So, at this point, do we believe the FBI is really going after the Jan 6 insurgents hard? (wink wink

Wray just convinced me by his recent testimonies they are not. Ask the Gymnasts.

Is t possible that a Brett Kavanaugh impeachment may be on the cards since the FBI failed to

do hat it was supposed to do? The testimony today by the gymnasts is shattering the notion that Kavanaugh deserves to be on the bench.

If Milley resigned it would take a huge meme weapon from the GOP. They really don't want him

to resign. They want him to be fired or stick around for the 22 elections. He will always be regarded by most Dems and the left as a hero so he has little to lose by resigning. I don't know his actual status but can he just retire?

It's not just young women who are subject to sexual abuse in sports. It's young men too.

The Senators on the GOP seem to want to just make a short speech and get it all over with. It would be really helpful to the cause if some young men would speak up also.

These young women testifying on the Nassar case my put Gym Jordan back in the headlines.

They are so poised, doing a great job. Right now they seem fearless. The one thing the GOP and other bullies hate is when you don't fear them. The FBI is on the block too.

If Manchin and Cinema were FOR the people they could stop the GOP move against debt ceiling

n its tracks by at least threatening to hammer the filibuster if the GOP failed to raise the debt ceiling at this critical time. Why is Hawley more powerful than they?
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