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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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As soon as the airlift in Afghanistan is over...guess who will be taking the heat for too many

Afghans being in the USA? And the same GOP Senators and Reps criticizing Biden for not doing enough or not getting enough out will be the ones screaming the loudest.

So Biden and the Dems get blamed for the MAGA and GOP not wanting to get vaxxed and masked-uo?

All the media reports seem to suggest that Afghanistan is also playing a role in Biden's plummeting numbers.
Never mind that many of those Afghans clamoring to get out at the airport never even lifted a finger to help or support us. They just want to leave...and I bet quite a few of them will succeed.

What we are not doing for Haiti saddens me. nt

Why does the MSM seem not to be able to understand that everyone outside the Afghan airport is NOT

necessarily an Afghani who helped us or an American citizen? I for one, want to be sure that only the Afghanis who are either American citizens, Afghani translators and their families who helped us. As the President just told us there are many people outside the airport who do not fit into either category but simply Afghanis who want to leave. We cannot and should not try to evacuate an entire nation and resettle them all over the world including in the US. Hell, i didn't hear this much complaining from our MSM about Katrina evacuations except to blame the problems on the NO Mayor at that time.

Our media are attacking President Biden more than President Ashraf Ghani who fled and caused

the Afghan military to give up all hope and surrender to the Taliban. Why is that?
Even some of our military are attacking President Biden and they neve say a mumbling thing about President Ashraf Ghani

This is really sad and discouraging.

If you listen to the MSM you would believe that we are supposed to bring every Afghan female to

the US. I had to turn the morning shows off. Just can't take the distortions anymore.

As usual, our MSM does everything it can to support the Republicans.

If you want to continue to support our Democratic candidates, turn off the news, especially cable, and focus on getting out the vote for future state and local elections. Learn and know the FACTS so you can handle the RW talking points and move on with protecting yourself and family. The GOP do not even have to spend the money they are fundraising since the media seems to be giving them all the free press they need...just like in 2016. JoSchmo is doing it again.

Will monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID be used strictly for rich, white, pols and fam?

It not a simple treatment and not widely available without connections.

CHILL! Everyone trying to get out of Afghanistan is not a"friendly" to US. We need to be careful

in our vetting. We should have gotten out those who helped us back in May. Right now is not the time to rush through taking all comers wanting to get out and resettling them here or in other nations. The Taliban are smart enough to place some embeds among those trying to get out.

Our own MSM is not being helpful at all in unifying or supporting our efforts and some vets aren't either. They should know better and reserve all the justified criticism until we have finished our evacuation of our citizens and those who helped us. The MSM seems really more eager to criticize Biden than they were to criticize Trump when he offered the Taliban an invitation to Camp David. Top brass of livid but the MSM not so much then.

So the MAGAs are now saying that we they really wanted all those Afghanis brought to the US??

They and others want a speedier processing (never mind who slips through the cracks).... I simply do not believe them.
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