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Member since: Tue Mar 23, 2021, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 2,471

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California, NE Sierras, lifelong liberal and Democratic voter. Living in a red turning blue county. ;/ I have been a reader here for several years.

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Wowzie, does anyone have an explanation for the wall to wall attacks on Biden re Afghanistan?

Even sticking to text, it is hard to avoid the message, we must give up on Biden.

Nothing Trump did including the sell out of Afghanistan to the Taliban has ever received the kind of thrashing Biden is being given over Afghanistan.
The MSM seems intent on convincing all Americans to give up on Biden.
Not even the Jan. 6 attack on the Capital, generated this much anti-Trump coverage.

McDonald's Workers Given Dog Diaper Masks Settle Covid-19 Lawsuit


Updated Aug 12, 2021, 07:51pm EDT

Workers at a California McDonald’s franchise settled a Covid-19 safety lawsuit with their employer, according to multiple reports Thursday, closing a dispute that drew attention for its month-long strike following an outbreak of cases—and for the workers’ claims that they were given dog diapers and coffee filters instead of face masks.

Workers at an Oakland McDonald’s won paid sick leave, personal protective equipment and a workplace safety committee in their settlement with the franchise owner, which Bloomberg Law reports was brought by more than two dozen employees and family members.

The worker safety committee is the first at a McDonald’s restaurant, a spokesperson for Fight for $15, a labor advocacy group that helped the McDonald’s workers file the lawsuit, told Forbes in an email.

The committee, made of at least three workers and one manager, will meet monthly to make sure the store is following the settlement and other public health rules.

Statement by President Joe Biden on Department of Justice Filing, This about 9/11 documents.

The statement: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/08/09/statement-by-president-joe-biden-on-department-of-justice-filing/

An excerpt:

As I promised during my campaign, my Administration is committed to ensuring the maximum degree of transparency under the law, and to adhering to the rigorous guidance issued during the Obama-Biden Administration on the invocation of the state secrets privilege. In this vein, I welcome the Department of Justice’s filing today, which commits to conducting a fresh review of documents where the government has previously asserted privileges, and to doing so as quickly as possible.

A phrase I began to hear this week, "Trump's shrinking base." Who uses twitter, can it be

made into a hashtag #TrumpsShrinkingBase?

I was curious about just how widespread use is so I searched, I use Bing, not google. Here are the search results at 8:58 PDT
2 August 2021.


Never mind all the coverage the media gives him and never mind all the AstroTurf support on social network sites, He lost the popular vote twice.

More fraud and fakery but how does one create a twitter hash tag, I might sign on to do it if users are allowed to create them.
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