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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 2,133

Journal Archives

4 dead in Ohio- We are still fighting those eff's

The fastest click ever

was watching Bill Maher and the went to the guest segment and I saw this fat blob on the screen. I looked closer and it was Chris Christie. I changed the channel immediately. That was close,

Any chance Gosar goes Postal?

This guy is not all there. He is not play acting and grifting. He's genuinely nuts.


I saw Newt commenting on Chris Hayes last night on the 1619 project. He said it was not important to anyone but African Americans. Newt is the last if the old time segregationist. He attended a segregated high school.

Astros will always be cheaters

This series was supposed to validate how great they were. There loss will always be know to baseball fans as cheaters.

I hate raygun

All this distrust of government to deliver solutions such as the vaccine can all be traced to that asshole. Our collapse of working together as a society is a result of his extreme partisanship. He brought the nutcase evangelicals in and his overt racism has divided America. God I hate him. I just wish some historian would point out his true legacy as opposed to the crap we have to endure every day.

Changing your name to Meta

will be as successful as Google changing its name to Alphabet, In other words zero,

Trump- Booed at world series in Atlanta?

and will we hear a "let's go Brandon"

gerrymander California

to 50 democratic seats and 5 republican seats. If the republicans complain then it opens up all the gerrymandering they are doing and it becomes a national story. We then reach critical mass.

Is Otis(Bannon) going to jail

if he does it won't be Mayberry.
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