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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,810

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Hanging Brains

I have a good friend who was 2 years behind Kavanaugh at Yale. He knows the woman who said that Kavanuagh stuck his d**k in her face very well. She had stayed at his apartment multiple times.
He can't confirm that kavanaugh put his d**k in her face but he is 99% sure he exposed himself. He said that was the "in thing" to do at Yale. The slang they used was "hanging brains".

What a bunch of weird misogynistic men went to Yale. Entitled rich kids.

Mickelson and Garcia

appear to be leaving the PGA. See ya. We won't miss you.


Hey Maher and Musk

Which party is radical?

Tiger yes Phil no


Tiger might play the Masters

Phil who?

Hopefully a normal human being

will be confirmed to the Supreme court. Someone who went to public schools and met people of the other race before they were adults. We now have most of the Supreme court populated by people who were private school kids who never met an African American until they were probably 25 years old.

Mickelson not playing the Masters

Figjam bows out.


Everything that is wrong with a salary cap


Putin probably never got over this

If Trump was currently President

we would be sending aid to Russia.
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