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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,810

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FBI infiltrates BLM

The FBI Targets a New Generation of Black Activists


There is no systemic racism in this country.

Mr. Potter has spoken


We have entered Vigilantism

The Supreme court by upholding the Texas abortion law has ushered in vigilantism. One thing a civil society can't do is have private citizens n enforce the law. The federalist society has destroyed our judicial system Plus we have the Jim Jones supreme court justice in Barrett. Any person who has to have the approval of the cult to marry her husband is a Jim Jones wannabee.

Let's tell Mitch and Rand Paul

no aid until we get offsetting reductions,

The "liberal" media should ask Sinema

what is her stance on the filibuster if Roe is overturned. We might hear an interesting answer

The Beatles "Get Back"

We are watching the new Beatles piece and I was reminded of the “Jesus” controversy. What is incredible is those are the same assholes we are fighting today.

A broken country

If someone had told me 50 years ago that people would not get a vaccine because of politics I would not have believed it. America as a nation has lost its way. During WW2 people did everything for the war and the nation. They put up with rationing and all sorts of sacrifices. Fast forward 80 years and America has become a nation of spoiled brats. This all started with Reagan when he promoted the individual above the good of the society and we now see it in so many ways. I am in high tech and when I see the disregard for society exhibited by some in high tech and I shake my head. We have a fundamental misunderstanding of freedom in this country. Few have ever studied this concept in college. Typically, it is a part of political science.
One party is pandering to the least educated. Our political system is showing its age. It does not represent the majority at all anymore and we are being governed by the minority. No society will continue to function when the least educated governs. It can be a blend of all the people but one segment governing is a disaster. The ideas of the future does not come from rural America. It comes from the most educated.
This is our most perilous time since the civil war.

That Mf'er Dejoy

If you haven't been to the post office for the Christmas season you are in for a shock. Dejoy has inflated the prices for shipping. Prioirty and flat rate is almost the same. There is a 25% surcharge and it started on Oct.3rd. He is trying to force everyone to UPS and Fedex.

4 dead in Ohio- We are still fighting those eff's

The fastest click ever

was watching Bill Maher and the went to the guest segment and I saw this fat blob on the screen. I looked closer and it was Chris Christie. I changed the channel immediately. That was close,
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