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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
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The safety net

is needed because of the last 40 years of the republican philosophy and results has decimated the country as a functioning society..

Raygun came to power and what did he do. He eviscerated the middle class and the working class by killing the unions. He then split the country along racial lines and told welfare Cadillac jokes and big buck jokes and demonized African Americans as leeches.

Next came the deindustrialization of America which hollowed out the middle class and eventually destroyed rural America.

Then he promoted that the individual to have no responsibility to the state so people think it is okay not to vaccinate because they think their individual rights are more important than the society at large.

So this has us where the government has to help everyone because the pay that the average worker receives is not enough to sustain a livelihood.

Our leaders should say this and point out what forty years of this perverted philosophy has done to the U.S.

In memory of Commander Cody


Ralph Nader lied about this wonderful car.

He rigged the test and destroyed a great car

Norm McDonald- great?

I am surprised there was so little comment on Norm McDonald's passing. Great or not?

Raygun was poison

every bit of this selfishness we see in today's society is directly attributable to this asswipe.

Scalia's fingerprints are all over Texas abortion law

Jonathan Mitchell is the key architect of the law. He clerked for Scalia and of course a federalist society member. These people think they are so shrewd but have absolutely no morals and no courage. If they actually believed they could win the day the would make the argument in front of the supreme court. They just have no courage and donít believe they can win the argument.

Joe Rogan's a comedian

could have fooled me.
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