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Retired Engineer Bob

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Milwaukee
Home country: USA
Current location: Carmel, IN
Member since: Wed Apr 14, 2021, 08:08 PM
Number of posts: 588

Journal Archives

Pondering the despair of the Karen's and Kevins, the Q freaks, the BLM and antifa paranoid-

I recalled a scene from MASH. Perhaps just a sitcom, but once in a while it hit home for me.

Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Tue Jul 27, 2021, 12:44 AM (2 replies)

Can someone please help me identify a weed?

We’ve neglected a small raised bed garden, planning on clearing it out. I’m a little concerned it could be poisonous. The things are about 6 feet tall.

Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Sun Jul 25, 2021, 11:47 AM (44 replies)

I have a brilliant money making idea

Notice to potential government monitoring, this is a twisted attempt at humor, never intended to be implemented. An exercise in in satire only.

I recall hearing about some parents that would organize chickenpox parties for their children. Kids that had chickenpox would be given lollipops and consume for a period. The partially eaten lollipops would then be packaged for delivery to other folks that would bring their kids to the chickenpox parties. The kids at the party would pass around the lollipops amongst themselves to ensure infection. I guess the idea was to “get the problem over with”.

Tens of millions of folks will never get the vaccine out of fear that it will kill them. They also believe that “natural immunity” is the true method of protecting themselves. They firmly believe that COVID is 99.9 percent survivable, “it’s just the flu bro”, and a fear porn hoax. Many yearn to be infected with COVID to obtain natural immunity.

If a company could be set up to produce COVID en mass, it could be packaged in nasal sprayers and distributed over the Internet. Each sprayer would contain enough shots to infect 10 folks or so, and be sold at a price to ensure massive profits. 50 cents to produce, $200 to purchase. Millions of dollars could be realized.

There are issues of how to mass produce COVID, and how to ensure its viability during production and distribution. I suspect, unfortunately, these can be easily overcome.

Again, I am speculating the mindset of the anti vaxers, and good old fashioned greed of the likes of Alex Jones and others who would be happy to push such a thing. I understand if the moderators of this site pull this post.
Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Sat Jul 24, 2021, 08:56 PM (7 replies)

Now that the Olympics are running

I’m wondering if Hide and Seek is still in the competition. Always enjoyed watching this sport.

Highlights from a previous Olympics:

Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Fri Jul 23, 2021, 12:18 PM (4 replies)

The '96 Camaro F1 is in the shop

Had her at Lowe’s to pick up a few things. We came out and climbed into the car. It started but I could tell there was a problem. It idled down the parking lot, but if I tried to give it throttle it hesitated, soon died. We had to push it into a parking space and call a tow.

Had it towed to my local mechanic, dropped it off with keys and a filled out form through the mail slot. Diagnosed with a bad fuel pump. Funny thing was the shop did not want to do the work due to aftermarket exhaust, suggested a different shop that specializes in high performance/modified cars. Another tow from shop 1 to shop 2.

Stopped in at shop 2 and explained. I am about 2 weeks out, they are busy.

Meanwhile I had ordered new shocks/struts, and a total bushing replacement set from Summit. The car is 25 years old, shocks are worn and bushings have stiffened, original parts have over 100,000 miles. The goodie package arrived today sans 2 shocks/struts expected next week. Probably going to have shop 2 install the new goodies. Here’s hoping my sloppy suspension and steering get corrected.

Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Thu Jul 22, 2021, 10:53 PM (8 replies)


Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Wed Jul 21, 2021, 07:59 PM (4 replies)

She's getting closer

Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Wed Jul 21, 2021, 07:56 PM (4 replies)

Went to visit my HIV Dr. today for a routine checkup

He’s an infectious disease specialist. About my age, mid 50s. Haven’t seen him for a year and a half, my COVID concerns and two cancelled (by him) appointments.

Tests from March were great, viral load undetectable, T cells about 720. He told me once he wished he had more “boring patients like you”. News like that is always good to hear.

I told him about my retirement, stated that having my husband being able to provide both of us health insurance played a big part in my decision. He looked at me and stated health insurance is one of the biggest reasons he has not retired. He sat down and told me that he currently has over 10 patients on ventilators, none of them vaccinated. Folks argue with him “I don’t have COVID”, his response is that he knows COVID when he sees it. He has given up on trying to convince these people to make sure their family and friends are vaccinated. THEY WILL NOT LISTEN.

It made me realize what a horrible year and a half he must have had. Infectious disease specialists have certainly been stretched to the limit during this pandemic. I understand the cancelled appointments. To be compelled to treat folks for a now easily avoidable (GET THE VAX) disease must be maddening. Idiots may end the career of a gifted doctor.
Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Mon Jul 19, 2021, 09:14 PM (23 replies)

Nature versus Nurture

I’m sure there are many good studies of this, with peer review. Like any good Netzien, I’ll just ignore all that and spew my opinions. Although I am interested in learning more.

I really want to believe that all folks are created equal. It’s at the core of my beliefs. I’ve always been a supporter of the Democratic Party, my first Presidential vote was for Dukakis. His ad with him in the tank was pretty lame I will concede. Whatever, he sure as hell was preferable to Bush I.

Does God/Flying Spaghetti Monster/fate dole out aptitude for intellectual aptitude and physical prowess at birth, or does everyone have an equal ability at birth and it is simply a matter of upbringing?

I scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT, but despite years (admittedly on and off), am always thrilled if I can top 99 after ten rounds of bowling. I have always thrown a ball “like a girl”. I did graduate with a BSEE and took advantage of that in my career.
Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Wed Jul 14, 2021, 08:49 PM (4 replies)

Tales of panic - University

The idea that 40% of my grade depended on the final exam always freaked me out. Two hours of performance swung grades radically. I missed my brother’s first wedding in Jamaica because it fell on exam week.
Posted by Retired Engineer Bob | Tue Jul 6, 2021, 08:25 PM (12 replies)
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