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Member since: Sun Apr 25, 2021, 09:14 AM
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Are you a robot?

Constantly asking you that question could make you question yourself.

Like constantly asking if you're gay.

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over bathrooms for transgender students (NBC)

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over bathrooms for transgender students (NBC)

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up the issue of whether the nation's schools must allow students to use the bathroom that match their gender identities.

The court declined, without comment, to hear the case of Gavin Grimm, who has been at the center of a long legal battle with the school board in Gloucester County, Virginia. Grimm was born female but identified as male after his freshman year in high school, legally changing his name and beginning hormone therapy.

The principal at first gave him permission to use the boys' bathroom, but the school board later adopted a policy saying restrooms were "limited to the corresponding biological genders."

"For school officials, as for parents, the question how best to respond to a teenager who identifies with the opposite biological sex is often excruciatingly difficult," lawyers for the school district told the Supreme Court. But the privacy rights of millions of students are at risk if their transgender classmates are allowed to use bathrooms matching their gender identities, they said.


Still the Trump court.

Wisconsin secedes! OK that's an exaggeration, but ...

Assembly passes 'Second Amendment sanctuary' bill that would bar enforcement of federal gun restrictions
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - Wisconsin gun owners would not be subject to federal firearm laws under legislation passed by Republicans and one Democrat in the state Assembly on Wednesday.

The bill, which also requires Wisconsin gun manufacturers to include a "Made in Wisconsin" stamp on their firearms, is part of a national effort by Republican lawmakers to push back against new gun restrictions that could be imposed by a Democratic-controlled Congress and President Joe Biden.

But the idea has been deemed unconstitutional in the past in other states because state law cannot override conflicting federal law under the U.S. Constitution.

Rep. Tip McGuire, D-Kenosha, said the legislation is inferior to the Second Amendment and "in fact undermines the Constitution that we all swore an oath to uphold."

According to a nonpartisan analysis by the Legislature's legal staff provided to McGuire, the legislation if enacted would bar law enforcement from confiscating firearms from people who have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence because there is no state law allowing it.


Note the domestic violence tie in.

Get off his lawn? Hell no!


Eight climate change protesters are arrested outside Ted Cruz's $2million Texas home after they refused to get off his lawn in hour-long standoff with police
Daily Fail (UK)

Around 70 members of the climate change activist Sunrise Movement staged a protest at Cruz's Houston home on Monday
Police were called and negotiated with several demonstrators who refused to get off the senator's lawn
Eight activists were eventually arrested for trespassing before being taken into custody
It's the third time this year that protests have been staged outside Cruz's plush $2million pad
In April, busloads of people showed up outside the home to demonstrate against inaction from congressional representatives
In February, outraged constituents marched on the property calling on Cruz to resign after he fled to Cancun, Mexico amid widespread power outages in Texas

... The Senator was slammed for abandoning his state during the crisis, jetting to Cancun with his family for a vacation as millions of residents shivered without heating in harsh winter temperatures. ...

The push for LGBTQ civil rights stalls in the Senate as advocates search for Republican support

The push for LGBTQ civil rights stalls in the Senate as advocates search for Republican support
Washington Post


While Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) hinted at a potential action this month — the annual LGBTQ Pride Month — Senate aides and advocates say there are no immediate plans to vote on the Equality Act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the protected classes of the 1964 Civil Rights Act alongside race, color, religion and national origin.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), one of two openly gay senators, said that she has quietly been lobbying Republican colleagues on the issue and that there has been only “incremental progress,” though efforts are continuing.

“So long as negotiations are productive and we’re making progress, I think we should hold off” on a vote, she said. “There may be a time where there’s an impasse. I’m still trying to find 10 Republicans.


This is the big one. It would be like the 1964 Civil Rights Act for gays.

Emphasis added.

Pretty please don't cancel Five Nights At Freddie's.

It is truly the suckiest game ever, and I have said so for a long time.

Betcha the original idea was Chuck-E-Cheese, but couldn't get permission.

I do love the thought of all the MAGA types suddenly wasting time all day with that shit to pwn the libs.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic charity that wouldn't allow same-sex foster parents (NBC)

Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic charity that wouldn't allow same-sex foster parents

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the city of Philadelphia went too far in imposing its anti-discrimination law on a Roman Catholic charity, Catholic Social Services, that refused to consider same-sex parents eligible to adopt foster children.

The case required the justices to decide whether the Constitution allows a religious freedom exception to anti-discrimination laws. It was the first of this term's major legal disputes to be heard with Justice Amy Coney Barrett, an appointee of President Donald Trump, on the court.

The court's ruling was unanimous, but it was narrowly confined to the facts of this case and is therefore unlikely to have a nationwide impact.


I first saw this story on a right wing site (I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to knowing the enemy) and googled for a mainstream source.

Needless to say the right wingers are hailing this as a big victory.

Putin to Biden. We're very similar you and I. Isn't that a super-villain cliche?

Putin likens Russian crackdown to arresting Capitol rioters (AP)

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is to meet President Joe Biden at a summit Wednesday, has suggested that the hundreds of people arrested for rioting at the U.S. Capitol are being subjected to “persecution for political opinions.”

Putin is likely to come under strong criticism from Biden at their meeting in Geneva for moves against his political opponents in Russia, particularly the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the detention of thousands of demonstrators protesting his arrest, and the outlawing of Navalny’s organizations as extremist.

“You are presenting it as dissent and intolerance toward dissent in Russia. We view it completely differently,” he said in an interview with NBC News broadcast Monday. He then pointed to the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington when protesters barged into the Capitol to try to halt the count of electoral votes to certify Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump.


The truth is up there.

Racist trolls trending in the UK. Including death threats.

Iskra Lawrence among the white British women being branded ‘coal burners’ and told to kill themselves by vile gangs who hate them for having black boyfriends

You can read the whole thing, but here's the core issue as I see it.

... Much of this abuse is hidden via internet message boards, but experts who have analysed the posts say the authors are white men aged 16 to 24, who "want to protect women". ...
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