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Profile Information

Name: Sande
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: United States
Current location: Home
Member since: Sun May 9, 2021, 11:27 PM
Number of posts: 235

About Me

Mom of four kids, nurse with long haul covid. Believes in democracy, BLM, wants gun control and voting rights legislation passed and voted for and very happy with President Biden and VP Harris. Dog lover ❤️ my Rosie a chug and my best furry friend.

Journal Archives

Is there any good news for this Democrat? I want to not live in

This world that is all bad news for me and other Dems who see so much being blocked or blown apart by the Trumplicans, and the BS now with the non vaxxed. I am home now with long haul, my granddaughter has C19 from school ( yes we are all vaxxed but she is too young ). I don't recognize this country anymore and the one place I can get hope or positivity is here. Cause I am not in the health or frame of mind to see it myself.

For real.




Just sinks lower and lower.


Made me laugh 😂


They broke us. 😢

“We wanted to help people
We were smart and driven
We loved science and physiology, humans and disease
So we made a commitment
We signed up
It was an honor

We read thousands of pages
Attended hundreds of lectures
Pulled all-nighters
Took more exams than we thought possible
Finals week felt insurmountable
But it didn’t break us
It made us stronger

We learned statistics and biochemistry
Immunology and pathophysiology
We mastered genetics, virology and pharmacology
We read scientific papers and learned how to dissect them
Papers, not videos
It was an honor

We came running when you needed us
Literally, running down the hallway
To the ICU, the trauma bay, labor and delivery
I need help, you said
We can help, we said
It was an honor

There were moments that we thought would break us
Moments that drove us to journaling, to therapy, to nightmares
Broken babies.
Paralyzed children.
Dead pregnant mothers with three kids at home.
The wail of a mother whose son just died.
We bent but we did not break
We returned because you needed us
And we could help
It was an honor

Then there was fear
Fear of walking into our place of work
Fear that we’d be killed by going to work
Fear that we’d kill a loved one because of our work
There were tears and sleepless nights and anti-anxiety medications
But you banged your pots and pans
You sent us pizzas and called us heroes
You needed us
We could help
So we wore our masks, and our gowns, and our gloves, and our goggles
We decontaminated ourselves before going home and isolated ourselves from our families
We almost broke
It was an honor

How quickly the joy turned to defeat
Elation to rage
You’ve learned to do your own research now
You know better than we do
Gaslighting is your language
Your selfishness is astounding
You don’t want our help when we ask you to stay healthy
Yet you arrive at our doors begging for help at the end

You stole our resources
You hobbled our ability to help those who did what they were supposed to do
You killed our patients by filling our beds and using up our ventilators
We can’t help any more
You broke us
There is no more honor”

OMG. And it's true check the news. Death penalty.


Anyone else remember in history the Germans who were rewarded for reporting

The "undesirables" to the Nazi party? This new law in Texas reminds me of that. Scary shit.

Texas Taliban puts bounties on women and people of influence have to step up.


Anyone else beyond depressed with the news every day

I have long covid and have enough issues and everything I see hear and read is so ugly and sad. What happened to our country with TFG has opened a Pandora's box of depravity and hate. I see the evil winning every day...the Republicans, voting rights, C19, masks, vaccines, it's all bastardized and what they have done in the name of Jesus. Not my Jesus. How do you all live with this?
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