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inthewind21's Journal
inthewind21's Journal
November 10, 2022

The abortion question in 5 states

KANSAS, first state to protect abortion by vote sending shockwaves through the Republican party. This past Tuesday Montana, Kentucky, Vermont, MI and California all had ballot measures re: abortion rights. California and Michigan was predictable. But Montana and Kentucky. Anyone but me find it fascinating that these very red states, Kansas, Montana and Kentucky ALL passed ballot measures to PROTECT abortion in their states. Yet their states stayed solid red. Pro Life my ass.

May 24, 2022

Where are all the pro-lifers?

Should they not be out in huge mass demanding immediate action to protect the innocent lives of children? I want that asked publicly, and I want it right fucking NOW! I want these so called pro-life assholes called out in a very public way non stop. I want a constant bombardment of in your face grilling.

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