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Member since: Fri Jul 2, 2021, 09:11 PM
Number of posts: 742

About Me

I'm a lifetime democratic voter from Virginia who, like many others, fears for the future of our nation due to the constant threat from fascists, racists, insurrectionists, hate groups, hate speech, conspiracy nuts and all other deluded GOP frauds. I'm sure I'll enjoy being on DU around others like me who believe in learning, staying informed and supporting each other.

Journal Archives

Virginia is NOT any kind of a test for democrats

Virginia is basically 2 states: north and south. Northern Va. is educated, monied and liberal. Southern Va, except for Richmond and parts of Charlottesville (college town) is full-blown traitorous repuke land. There's no test for democrats in traitorous repuke land, those people are covidiot, insurrectionist, confederate, Trumpcult, anti-intellectual, brainwashed-4-life, Qanut, crackpot Karens with no redeeming value in any kind in a democracy, that will never vote democratic.

Most of the population in the state is in the north and around Richmond and the college areas, that bodes well for democrats. One million people have voted early, that also looks good. But, there's no battleground, no test, no changing the minds of brainwashed bigots, no issues of any kind that a working agreement could be reached on or might change someone's opinion/vote.

It's all up to how many people vote, because the majority of people in Virginia are democrats, which is why there are currently 2 D senators, a D state house and D governor.

Posted by traitorsgalore | Sun Oct 31, 2021, 05:58 PM (13 replies)

I've been a D my entire life, Trumpunk is a traitor and so are 90% of repukes

Anyone who questions any of that can KISS MY ASS! What's with all the people accusing others of not being pure enough or not being loyal enough?

In 2008, repukes in Virginia voted in a statewide meeting on whether or not to call everyone that supported Obama a "traitor". They voted on that in a house directly across the street from where I played tennis. The vote didn't pass by a 5-4 vote, in other words just barely. Since then, repukes have done the exact opposite and have been calling me a traitor for years, fucking years!

So, anyone that does that here sounds exactly like the repukes in Virginia and to reiterate, can KISS MY ASS!
Posted by traitorsgalore | Thu Oct 28, 2021, 11:38 PM (3 replies)

With no dental/hearing, no prescription drug pricing, no community college WTF good is it?

It's not "progressives" that want these, it's 80% of Americans. Looks like we'll all be thrown under the corporate "we'll work with republicans" bus yet again.
Posted by traitorsgalore | Thu Oct 28, 2021, 01:30 PM (85 replies)

Voted today in Virginia and when the repuke outside asked if I'd like to see a repuke ballot...

I had to hold back from saying, "No, I'm not a racist traitor like you who wants to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans with Covid, ya filthy maskhole"

Seriously, I came really close to saying it but I really wanted to go in and vote. I'm 100% fed up with Virginia repukes that love to talk about civil war and killing liberals.
Posted by traitorsgalore | Fri Oct 22, 2021, 05:37 PM (20 replies)

With Colin Powell, WMD war criminal and torture camp supporter, getting so much praise...

How long before Bannon, all the 1/6 traitors, Trumpunk and every one of his criminals gets the "oh what a great man he was who just made a few bad decisions?"

The praise of these traitors to humanity makes me sick. I think I'll head over to sorryantivaxxer for a dose of modern day reality!
Posted by traitorsgalore | Tue Oct 19, 2021, 09:30 PM (7 replies)

Systemic and state-sponsored torture is the trademark of evil regimes throughout history

Colin Powell fully supported the Bush regime's torture policies. He was evil incarnate along with the rest of the Bush regime.
Posted by traitorsgalore | Tue Oct 19, 2021, 12:48 AM (0 replies)

4,287 U.S. dead, 30,182 U.S. wounded, 655,000 Iraqi Dead because of WMD liar Colin Powell

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell, the big 5 war criminals, propagandists and torture camp creators.

War criminals get no sympathy from me.
Posted by traitorsgalore | Mon Oct 18, 2021, 03:28 PM (2 replies)

This whole "tourists in space" crap will end as soon as one of those dick rockets blow up

Let the wagering begin as to whom people would most like to see "go down with the ship".
Posted by traitorsgalore | Wed Oct 13, 2021, 07:45 PM (39 replies)

What happened to common sense Americans? It's not Facebook's fault, IT'S YOURS!

When the internet became widely used decades ago it was obvious that you shouldn't post personal info there. It's common sense. Facebook, just like any other site on the internet, will sell, archive, put into an algorithm, and generally use whatever info you give them in any f-ing way they like. It's your fault, you gave them all that info willingly.

IT IS Facebook's fault that they promote hate-speech and domestic terrorism. But, nobody in our corrupt country will hold them accountable for that. Ya think billionaire Zuckerberg's going to be arrested or even held accountable? Nope.

Use social media to stay in contact with friends or to join like-minded groups such as art or music. But for god's sake people, use some common sense when it comes to your personal data!
Posted by traitorsgalore | Mon Oct 4, 2021, 08:38 PM (7 replies)
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