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Member since: Sun Aug 22, 2021, 09:54 PM
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Christian Nation

I just read a Pew Research study article. It said 45% of people think the US should be a “Christian Nation”. It also says a vast majority do believe there should be no government religion. It seems people believe in Christian values… but not religious laws.

Needless to say the Christian Taliban want a theocracy. You can bet when they finally get their Constitutional Convention, they’ll want religious LAWS too.

From the article and very revealing “ Furthermore, the new survey finds that nearly eight-in-ten people who say the U.S. should be a Christian nation also say the Bible should have at least some influence on U.S. laws, including slightly more than half (54%) who say that when the Bible conflicts with the will of the people, the Bible should prevail.‘

A great article though. Several graphs too. Recommend reading it.


Posted by NowISeetheLight | Fri Oct 28, 2022, 04:33 PM (4 replies)

Arizona, Immigration, Racial Animus and MagaCrazies

I’m over in Phoenix for a couple days visiting my parents at the memorial park and some old friends. I lived here twenty years. After ending up in the Deep South for work I knew I wouldn’t retire there. I’m so grateful to be living in Palm Springs now. Anyway, I checked into the hotel yesterday and turned on the TV. It was wall to wall political ads. I mean nothing but them. I saw no ads for products or stores for the first hour. It was insane.

What got me though was just how horrible and hateful these ads are. Arizona has gone full MAGA with Republican election deniers, QAnon crazy, far right candidates. I mean they are TOTALLY CRAZY! The ads are just insane. I mean they’re shocking. What’s more scary though us these MagaTs are AHEAD in many of the polls. The big reason is the border. They’re playing up the “open border” card and “illegal rapists and drug dealers” are on every commercial.

One commercial claims Democrats are hurting children because schools and communities are dangerous due to illegals and crime. “Tell Joe Biden to stop hurting children!” The ad says. Never mind most of these Christo-fascists also want total abortion bans where even rape and incest aren’t an exception. A ten year old in school with a ten year old from Mexico is child abuse but forcing her to have a rapists baby is OK! MagaT thinking I guess… their ‘new math’?

Having lived here and having worked in healthcare I’m still very conservative on the border issue. We can’t save the world. At the same time I believe the Dreamers should be allowed to stay. Secure the border then develop a path to legal immigration. The Republicans led by the likes of Trump and Tucker Carlson are totally playing up the “great replacement” conspiracy theory. To be honest it’s a winning argument in these gerrymandered political districts. Democrats are not going to win against it because the white majority is becoming a minority. The “take what is yours” mantra is working.

Democrats need to get ahead of this. As for Arizona… I think it’s a list cause.

Some articles and video about the AZ races and the ads:






Posted by NowISeetheLight | Thu Oct 27, 2022, 09:55 AM (3 replies)

A Scary Future for America

I first read about this over a year ago. The right-wing “plan” to force a Constitutional Convention to change the US Constitution to reflect conservative values. Today in my email there was my daily The Guardian news update. This is probably the best written article about this “plot” I’ve seen. Everyone should read it and share it. This is how the minority will try to seize control. The article even quotes Christian fanatic Rick Santorum saying “We have the opportunity, as a result, to have a supermajority, even though we may not even be in an absolute majority when it comes to the people who agree with us.” . They currently control 30 of the 34 states required to do this. “WE THE PEOPLE” won’t exist, it’ll be the minority fascists controlling everything. If this happens America is over.

Posted by NowISeetheLight | Wed Oct 19, 2022, 10:13 AM (39 replies)

Oath Keeper Leader Jan 6 Trial

I've been reading about the trial of the Oath Keepers leader. What POS (imo). This AP article describes his delusions of grandeur, paranoia, depravity and idiocy

Shot out his eye with a gun, made his Mormon wife work as a stripper in Vegas, yeah real upstanding "Conservative". I noticed the article said he has migrant relatives. I wonder how much of this is self hatred for his migrant background. Like he's trying to prove himself somehow


Posted by NowISeetheLight | Sun Oct 2, 2022, 11:22 AM (4 replies)
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