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Member since: Thu Sep 2, 2021, 06:27 PM
Number of posts: 217

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Dear Russia

Do you "really" want to play a game?
We have spent trillions. If we lose, we deserve to lose.
How many millions of people do we want to kill?
I think its a human test of the 5th and 6th gen aircraft.
Only the humans lose.
Boomers are almost dead. Next?
Who sees a future for our kids/grandkids here?
Sorry for being depressing.

Welcome to Green Bay, Wisconsin

San Francisco 49rs.
Don't forget your long johns!

Speak softley......

Why are we a country that demands to be shouted at, lied to and disrespected.
I confess, I spend too many hours arguing with Republicans and too many day drinking hours in bars.
Sucks to be retired.
I keep demanding a fact check and they cannot put up!
I stand on solid ground!

Is anyone watching The Jimmey Kimmel

LA Bowl Presented by Stifel?

Jimmey Camel?

He is a very good play announcer btw.

I skip most bowl games majors excepted, but this is rather fun to watch.

Aaron Rodgers is being killed in the media

Meanwhile TFG isn't even an issue. LIES!!!
Oh! It was just,...Bullshit!
WTF? Football is more important than our country?

Dear Speaker Pelosi

Pull the bills. Screw it, just pull them and make a statement how Manchin, Sinema and the repubs have stalled it.
We apologize for the tainted water, crumbling infrastructure, crappy, unhealthy education systems and much more.

We tried again and again but were unable to overcome Mitch and Kevin.

Be careful crossing the bridges!

You win! Good luck with that!!

Let's see how that goes over with America. And forget any covid shots. You can forget about hospital ICU entry.

37 seconds and no time outs

Aaron Rogers drives into FG range.
Mason Crosby nails the FG.
Great game S.F. Really!

Almost LBN, but California has the lowest COVID-19 case rate in the United States,


I still have a beer next to some heavy refusers.

I just tell them I do not want them to die.
They don't care.
Was an Iron Lung worse than death?

Thank you Nicole!

Always Mr. Trump, not (Pres. T.. )
Still with respect, to a point.
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