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Alexander Of Assyria

Alexander Of Assyria's Journal
Alexander Of Assyria's Journal
December 29, 2022

How many times did Meadows burn docs in a White House fireplace?


May have been posted before…real shocker to me atm…pondering…kept burning documents throughout a day in the transition period…federal felony, translucently.


Devils in the details:

She did, however, remember one specific name: Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.). She said that she recalled at least two burnings following Meadows’ meetings with Perry.

The House panel in May said the Pennsylvania congressman was “directly involved” with efforts to instate Jeffrey Clark as acting Attorney General, as Clark had indicated that he would support the plan to encourage states to appoint Trump-supporting electors.
December 21, 2022

IRS should be fully funded to collect all taxes due according to law. Rich and poor alike.

Corporate or personal. Dividend or interest.

It’s not that hard, why is it even an issue?

Tax avoiders and cheats steal from hardworking folks in the $Billions upon Billions! We want our money back, you thieves!

And no more fuel tax breaks for corporate and personal jets, ok? That’s a bit rich!

December 20, 2022

Did not ex-VP Pence commit dereliction of duty and violate his Oath?

By also not informing the FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc. that the President of the United States of America was actively planning and fomenting a violent overthrow of an democratically elected government? Should the DOJ not drop a similar Indictment on his sorry head as the ex-President? Have they already laid out the law on that for his consideration as he mulls over voluntarily testifying for the prosecution? Or under compulsion of a criminal trial courts, your choice Benedict.

Repeat, the VP was aware of an attempted coup and did nothing more than flee from the Senate in terror, secretly knowing why his life was in peril. Keeping everyone in the dark as American democracy almost burned.

Pence, to me, is the new age Benedict Arnold. At least he won’t flee the country, he’s needed to testify at upcoming trials! Doubt he even has a passport anymore.

In summary, Pence is getting the best legal advise money can buy and it sure as hell does not include bad advise from a lawyer that taking bad legal advice means you are innocent of the crime you committed. Co- conspirators are all criminals, lawyers or not, legal advise or not. Duh, it’s a conspiracy!

The prosecution calls to the stand, Michael Pence!

December 18, 2022

Hate Speech Laws in Canada

Hate speech laws in Canada

Hate speech laws in Canada include provisions in the federal Criminal Code, as well as statutory provisions relating to hate publications in three provinces and one territory. The Criminal Code creates criminal offences with respect to different aspects of hate propaganda, although without defining the term "hatred".

Those offences are decided in the criminal courts and carry penal sanctions, such as fines, probation orders and imprisonment. Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories have created civil sanctions for hate speech and hate publications in their human rights legislation. Those claims are resolved through administrative tribunals or the civil courts, and can involve civil remedies such as damages or injunctive relief.

The Supreme Court of Canada has rejected constitutional challenges to the hate propaganda offences in the Criminal Code, and has also rejected challenges to the hate publication provisions in human rights legislation.


Is it time?

December 18, 2022

The Military, where are they in this equation as The Thing attempts, miserably, to foment...what??

A violent national well organized Revolution? Don’t think so. A civilian led coup will NOT happen or begin to happen, has no one been watching The Rest of the Planet that is not America, or any of The Planets human political history?

How would that work, exactly, step by step? The Kraken Klowns couldn’t even write a half decent insurrection legal memo?! And the troops that showed up at Insurrection 1.0 had zero military knowledge, or political for that matter. 2.0 going to be any better?

No, The Thing and the Minions are pissing into the digital political cyberwind. Cause they can, as no hate speech wall to stand in the way, but that’s another issue.

As I recall, the first wave of 1.0 troops washed ashore either in prison, with a criminal record, or worst of all, humiliated for life. I did not know what I was doing Your Honor, the TV and Radio made me do it!

Sleep easy, just harken to the J6 Committee and The Evidence, ladies and gentlemen of reason and logic.

The media is once again being played like a puppet on a string as are most of us by what? Cyber world half veiled cyberthreats that amount to wordether as far as the real world is concerned? Journos, and others like us at DU, repeating the nonsense only gives the nonsense oxygen. Ofc will not happen. Just had to put it on the record!

And if push comes to shove?… The Military stands guard, does it not?

December 16, 2022

Trump/Musk/MTG threads...trashed all as advised...nothing to read but my own thread!

Now I have to trash this one also?!

December 14, 2022

Isn't Musk proving by his singular control of Twitter that Twitter is a private corporation?

Therefore as a private corporation controlled by a single private human being, clearly the First Amendment has no fucks to give to apply?

Therefore any legislation designed to use the first amendment as a sword rather than a shield as intended to protect against Government restrictions, all such legislation is doomed on arrival, in the absence of federal hate speech laws.


All that is not helpful to Republicans wanting to unleash hate by explicitly regulating
social media to be even more of a wasteland of hate than it already is.

December 6, 2022

M&M standing in embarrassed pose, rejected Medals still in hand, unable to applaud. World applauds.

M&M can’t for all the world to witness. Cause of the rejected Medals in their hands!

The Universe is as it should be, at times!

Salute to the Medal Recipients!


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