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Hometown: Missouri
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jan 3, 2022, 09:52 AM
Number of posts: 511

About Me

I am a 66 year old, retired Democrat who lives in the red state of Missouri (gawd help me!) and I have been following the articles here for quite some time. I genuinely love the camaraderie and fellowship of your site and hope that in some way I may contribute to your message. I am also a veteran who is appalled at the direction this country took with the last president and want to do what I can to see that that never happens again (gawd help us all!).

Journal Archives

How a possible cyber-attack could affect Americans and how to prepare

As Russiaís military continues to strike Ukrainian cities, national security officials are keeping eyes on a different battlefield.

Senior U.S. law enforcement and Homeland Security officials have told ABC News that there is growing concern that Russia could launch further cyber-attacks against the West. The potential targets include electrical grids, banking systems and mobile networks, according to the officials.

Currently, there is no cyber threat to the U.S. homeland, according to the Department of Homeland security.

Cybersecurity experts tell ABC News that people shouldn't panic over a potential cyberattack, but they should start preparing for one.


The Department of Homeland Security, the agency tasked with the domestic response to the invasion in Ukraine, has set up a page on the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agencyís website specifically warning of cyber-attacks emanating from Russia.


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Posted by XacerbatedDem | Sat Feb 26, 2022, 09:14 AM (19 replies)

Red State Conundrum 2.0

Recently, I had posted about my frustration of living in a red state where it didnít seem to matter how I voted as a Democrat as the Republican candidate always seemed to win. Today, I was surprised to find this article from Politico (via MSN) that actually went there.

Opinion | A Power Move for Democrats in 2022: Endorse Some Republicans By Juleanna Glover and Kalee Kreider

The embrace of Donald Trumpís Big Lie by large swaths of the country and much of the Republican Party is a direct threat to free and fair elections in the United States. At such a perilous moment, party labels are less important now; the real bifurcation is between those who are committed to our system of government and those who would see it collapse.

In the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats face a difficult path to holding onto their House and Senate majorities. If they want to improve their odds and deny the Trumpists a toehold back into power, Democratic leaders should join forces with anti-Trump Republicans to outvote the hucksters and fraudsters.

That means Democrats should take what might be an unpalatable course: In states and districts where the party stands little chance of winning in the general election, Democrats should endorse and enthusiastically support anti-Trump Republicans who run as independents. Because whatís really on the ballot isnít one party or another, itís democracy itself.

In the 2020 election, some in the GOP showed a willingness to cross party lines, as Republicans like Cindy McCain, Meg Whitman, Jeff Flake and the late Colin Powell endorsed Joe Biden for president. Those endorsements bolstered Bidenís bipartisan bona fides, and Cindy McCainís support may have helped him win her late husbandís home state of Arizona. In 2022, pro-democracy forces in both parties should consider supercharging an inverse of this strategy.


What do you think?
Posted by XacerbatedDem | Wed Feb 2, 2022, 07:35 AM (3 replies)
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