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Member since: Thu Jul 7, 2022, 07:47 PM
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She isn't to blame for Benedict Orange's sins. Condolences to her children. It's always sad to lose your mother.

I think

That if Biden decides not to run, Rep. Raskin would be a great candidate.

I'd like to know

are there any tape recordings of any of these damning conversations? Alexander Butterfield was on TV
last night and he gave up Nixon by mentioning that there were plenty of tapes.

If we fail to

give credit to those who at least tried at the most crucial time to stop a mad man from destroying our government, we seem to have lost all sense of fairness. These GOP witnesses are helping to bring the truth to the American people, and I think we should at least be grateful for that - no matter how they got in front of the committee.

Twice I got a message

that I couldn't "sign in" because I was already "signed in." But I didn't even try to "sign in a second time!!!"

Not all of them

Look how many have already testified how they actually prevented a worse disaster.

Cipollone was not

Dump's personal lawyer. He was the WH lawyer and it's a good thing he didn't resign before January 6 and was there to at least try to talk some sense into the out-of-control pResident and stop a complete disaster.

Those tattoos

maybe won't gain her any sympathy for some people. Why is all that necessary? Just asking.
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