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Member since: Thu Sep 1, 2022, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 616

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'Simply too many guns': four mass shootings leave California reeling - gun owners, this is for YOU


I would ask all the good guys with guns:

1) Do you really think your gun is going to protect you from someone else's? There are swords, and then there are shields. Get a home security system or a big dog. Or live 24/7 in body armor. Real life isn't like the movies! There are no quickdraw duels in the streets!
2) What gives you the right, even in self-defense, to fire bullets in a populated area? Little kids get mowed down all the time on the South Side of Chicago by ricocheted or errant bullets. Screw you if you think you have the right to walk around with the power to kill any living thing within 50 yards of yourself. You're not that special. Nobody is.
2) Wouldn't you rather be a leader, in this time of crisis, while guns - which never rot, expire, or disappear - accumulate like "forever chemicals" in our children's environment? Cut up your guns. It's not good enough to sell them. Destroy them, like the virus they are. And then tell everyone you know what you did. Tell the owner of the gun shop. Tell the mayor. Tell your mother, who didn't raise you to be a goddamn killer.

We are on track to have over a BILLION GUNS floating around in a country of 350 million by the time a preschooler graduates from high school. As a parent that is simply unacceptable.

We need leaders, gun owners! Chip out some courage from deep in your bones, and destroy your guns!

A Completely Fed-Up Parent of Gen Z

these *years* that go by, seeing Trump walk free

are the mailman, walking away from the barking dog.
The dog thinks he scared away the mailman.
I fear that by the time he's indicted, the country will have already concluded that if he was sitting free this whole time, he must be innocent.

Trump really was the madman with the button that the whole world dreads


False flag nuclear attack. Holy shit.
During the hottest weeks of the Trump vs. Kim Jong Twitter war, I prevented my kids from flying to Hawaii with their mother because North Korean nukes could potentially hit the islands.
Everyone thought I was paranoid.

RIKERS - a poem for Allen Weisselberg

R is for Really? You did THIS for Trump?
I for Inhaling your yesterday's dump
K is for Killers, thriving prison species
E is for Eating the cockroaches' feces
R for Regretting Trump Org's double-dipping
S for the Sound of the Weisselberg flipping

"He lasted a day, then screamed for a deal". The Donald wound up behind bars made of steel.

one era of C-SPAN was as entertaining as this one

The Jim Traficant years!!!

Maryland student to face no charges after bringing handgun, ammunition to school


This is why we need laws pinning gun responsibility on parents. In the Deerfield shooting case, the DA is trying to prosecute the father who cosigned for the guns, but this will be tough since the shooter was over 18. In this Maryland case, I just don't see how NOBODY gets in trouble for this. If a kid is just a kid, then his parents have 100% of the blame.

Happy Jan 6 - the day America became the Conan sword


And cheers to Arnold!

someone should make a motion to impeach

all the members of the Rebel Caucus.
If "moderate" repukes want to cease being in thrall to these lunatics, they have an option, don't they?

Girl who was granted a "unicorn license" shows what's possible with imagination and determination


Um, I'm sorry but is anyone going to tell this girl that:
1) unicorns aren't real
2) she only got the license because the board knows that
3) imagination and determination have much better exemplars, like this kid who built a fusion reactor in his basement:

I just feel like this sort of thing does only one thing, and it's bad: it backs up right-wing assertions that liberals are fucking nuts.
I'm assuming of course that the LA board is full of liberals - maybe I'm wrong, but it's California so there's a good chance.

assuming the House is paralyzed for the next 2 years,

what are some things the Senate can do alone, and the Executive?
I can think of 2:

-appoint judges
-issue executive orders

What else?
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