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Latest Breaking News

Arsonist strikes mosque in Escondido, Calif., refers to New Zealand massacre in note
6 min ago - LA Times

Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy but Stops Short of Exonerating President on Obstruction of
2 hrs ago - nytimes

AG Barr's summary of Mueller report has been sent to Congress
3 hrs ago - NBC News

Atty. Gen. Barr expected to send summary of Mueller's Russia findings to Congress
4 hrs ago - Los Angeles Times

Democrats, Awaiting Mueller Report Findings, Vow to Press On With Their Inquiries
6 hrs ago - NY Times

Prosecutors suggest Paul Manafort may be trying to get $1 million out of his forfeiture
11 hrs ago - CNN

Harry Reid slams Comey for Russia election meddling
11 hrs ago - The Hill

University of Georgia fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon suspended over racist video
12 hrs ago - ABC News

Guggenheim Museum will no longer accept gifts from Sackler family, makers of opioid OxyContin
13 hrs ago - ABC News

Helicopters sent to rescue 1,300 passengers from cruise ship off Norway
20 hrs ago - CNN

Off-duty Chicago police officer John Rivera ambushed, killed in 'unprovoked' shooting: Officials
Yesterday - ABC News

British PM May facing plot from minister to oust her: Sunday Times reporter
Yesterday - Reuters

Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller's Report
Yesterday - https://www.speaker.gov/

Planned Parenthood sites across Ohio receive notice of state funding termination
Yesterday - cleveland.com

Militia attack on Mali village leaves 115 dead, say early reports
Yesterday - The Guardian

DOJ not sending 'principal conclusions' of Mueller report to Hill today
Yesterday - CNN

ISIS has lost its final stronghold in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces says
Yesterday - CNN

A defiant Italy becomes the first G-7 country to sign on to China's Belt and Road Initiative
Yesterday - Washington Post

Hundreds of thousands march in London to demand new Brexit referendum
Yesterday - Reuters

Trump's son-in-law Kushner cooperating with U.S. House probe: source
Yesterday - Reuters

Judge tosses Chicago suburb's assault weapons ban
Yesterday - The Hill

Recording Reveals Oil Industry Execs Laughing at Trump Access
Yesterday - Politico

Lead Michael Cohen Prosecutor at SDNY Stepping Down
Yesterday - Law & Crime

Mexico launches plan to mark vaquita porpoise reserve
Yesterday - ABC News

FEMA shared 2.3 million disaster survivors' personal information with contractor
Friday - cnn

Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen to step down

U.S. Posts Largest-Ever Monthly Budget Deficit in February
Friday - Bloomberg

Republicans ask to stay order blocking lame-duck laws
Friday - Associated Press

Mueller report sent to attorney general, signaling his Russia investigation has ended
Friday - Washington Post

In foreboding sign for U.S. economy, factory sector softens
Friday - Reuters

Anti-Muslim hate crimes soar in UK after Christchurch shootings
Friday - The Guardian

Secret Cabinet Office document reveals chaotic planning for no-deal Brexit
Friday - The Guardian

Whopping $360M worth of cocaine seized by Coast Guard in Eastern Pacific
Friday - New York Daily News Mar 22, 2019 12:39 PM

Mueller's Mostly Silent Spokesman Responds to Media Blitz Over Russia Report
Friday - Law & Crime

Alabama lawmakers unanimously voted to stop issuing marriage licenses so gay couples can't get one
Friday - LGBTQ Nation

Trump says he's reversing North Korea sanctions imposed by his Treasury Department
Friday - The Hill

Trump Offers Fed Board Position to Economic Commentator Stephen Moore
Friday - The Wall Street Journal.

VIDEO: Black woman brutally beat by armed white man in parking lot dispute -- as bystanders do nothin
Friday - Raw Story

United Airlines Adds Nonbinary Booking Option
Friday - Forbes

Trump's Golan tweet inflames regional tensions as Syria vows to recover the strategic plateau
Friday - wash post

US forces say 2 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Friday - Associated Press

Massive lawsuit says Sackler family broke laws to profit from opioids
Friday - The Guardian

Racist violence threat keeps Charlottesville schools closed
Friday - Reuters

Most Republicans Say Diversity Will Weaken the U.S.
Friday - PoliticalWire

Legal weed for N.J.? It's too close to call right now.
Friday - Advance Media/NJ.com

Trump rips McCain, says he gave Steele dossier to FBI for 'very evil purposes'
Friday - The Hill

North Korea quits liaison office in setback for South after new U.S. sanctions
Friday - Reuters

Syria slams Trump statement on Israel sovereignty in Golan
Friday - Associated Press

Trump says economy would be much stronger if Fed stopped rate hikes sooner
Friday - The Hill

Trump: I hope Barr will 'do what's fair' with regards to investigating Hillary Clinton
Friday - Politico

General Discussion
Mueller's Final Move: (on why no charges YET for Don Jr and others)...
By hlthe2b - 22 hrs ago - 151 recs

General Discussion
By cilla4progress - 2 hrs ago - 118 recs

General Discussion
Second Parkland shooting survivor dies by suicide, police confirm
By demmiblue - 7 hrs ago - 98 recs

General Discussion
A WAPO cartoon from May 31, 1974
By kpete - 8 hrs ago - 82 recs

General Discussion
Pelosi's not buying it.
By RandySF - 1 hr ago - 73 recs

General Discussion
Total Awesomeness: 16-Year-Old Belfast Teen Cuts All The Brexit Bullshit In Devastating Fashion
By TheBlackAdder - 22 hrs ago - 72 recs

General Discussion
Seth Abramson. It IS Collusion
By Roland99 - 7 hrs ago - 68 recs

General Discussion
Because He IS One
By Soph0571 - 11 hrs ago - 66 recs

General Discussion
The Most Powerful Activist in America Is Dying
By DonViejo - 11 hrs ago - 64 recs

General Discussion
OOOOOORRRRR ... Barr is basically full of shit, and this ISN'T really what the Mueller Report says
By mr_lebowski - 3 hrs ago - 60 recs

General Discussion
Conspiracy: What was reported and what we witnessed with our own eyes.
By shockey80 - 9 hrs ago - 54 recs

General Discussion
If these fuckers dare to keep this report and most of its details and evidence from the public
By boston bean - 10 hrs ago - 52 recs

Democratic Primaries
About Pete? One simple sentence:
By Stuart G - 7 hrs ago - 50 recs

General Discussion
Todd: "... THE Mueller report didn't make a decision on obstruction AG BARR is making that decision"
By uponit7771 - 3 hrs ago - 49 recs

General Discussion
Why Self-Checkout Is and Has Always Been the Worst
By HAB911 - 8 hrs ago - 49 recs

General Discussion
David Corn, spot on
By Quixote1818 - 3 hrs ago - 48 recs

General Discussion
Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) is good on Twitter
By blogslut - 21 hrs ago - 45 recs

General Discussion
Photo of the day: Mueller today w/ White House behind him after he & wife attended service
By MelissaB - 5 hrs ago - 43 recs

General Discussion
Humor -- Do you Know the Difference?
By pdsimdars - 10 hrs ago - 42 recs

Latest Breaking News
Prosecutors suggest Paul Manafort may be trying to get $1 million out of his forfeiture
By UpInArms - 11 hrs ago - 42 recs

Editorials & Other Articles
A freed slave became a spy. Then she took down the Confederate White House.
By demmiblue - 5 hrs ago - 41 recs

Latest Breaking News
Harry Reid slams Comey for Russia election meddling
By DonViejo - 11 hrs ago - 41 recs

General Discussion
Mueller Report Redaction Key!
By George II - 21 hrs ago - 40 recs

General Discussion
On Election Night 2016, former US Ambassador Michael McFaul sent a sarcastic tweet "congratulating"
By Tommy_Carcetti - 4 hrs ago - 39 recs

General Discussion
Trump, Capone, & Syphilitic Dementia
By H2O Man - 6 hrs ago - 39 recs

Democratic Primaries
Buttigieg answers question from reporter in Norwegian
By left-of-center2012 - 23 hrs ago - 37 recs

Democratic Primaries
Mayor Pete? Nope.
By sellitman - 20 hrs ago - 36 recs

General Discussion
OMG "Be butter"!! Ah ha ha ha
By Roland99 - 6 hrs ago - 35 recs

General Discussion
The Mother Court: A.K.A., the Southern District Court of New York
By pnwmom - 21 hrs ago - 35 recs

General Discussion
A Dire Warning from 1933's German Ambassador Dodd
By OhNo-Really - 21 hrs ago - 34 recs

General Discussion
Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Attorney General Barr's Summary Of The Mueller Report
By mobeau69 - 1 hr ago - 32 recs

General Discussion
******Joint statement from Pelosi and Schumer******
By highplainsdem - 1 hr ago - 32 recs

General Discussion
People are saying that Mueller concluded Trump has a big genius and does not have tiny hands
By struggle4progress - 4 hrs ago - 32 recs

General Discussion
For the first time in a long time. I'm going to atypically post
By PCIntern - 9 hrs ago - 32 recs

General Discussion
Robert Reich on FB
By G_j - 45 min ago - 31 recs

General Discussion
Devin Nunes told Fox News today that we should take the Mueller report and "burn it up"
By pnwmom - 7 hrs ago - 31 recs

General Discussion
The Russian investigation has allowed trump to behave in ways that would have impeached any
By Augiedog - 9 hrs ago - 31 recs

Democratic Primaries
If anyone has doubts about Buttigieg in Faux News country, just look at the comments on a Fox YT vid
By Celerity - 13 hrs ago - 31 recs

General Discussion
Tweet of the Day
By RandySF - 1 hr ago - 29 recs

General Discussion
Nine-year-old girl, U.S. citizen, on her way to school, is kidnapped by ICE and held for two days.
By Laffy Kat - 18 hrs ago - 28 recs

Democratic Primaries
Pete Buttigieg tells SC voters 2020 presidential race is about justice
By left-of-center2012 - 19 hrs ago - 27 recs

General Discussion
Gotta give credit where credit's due.
By mobeau69 - 21 hrs ago - 27 recs

General Discussion
Imagine for a moment
By SHRED - 23 hrs ago - 27 recs

General Discussion
(xpost) The drugs don't work: what happens after antibiotics?
By nitpicker - 11 hrs ago - 26 recs

General Discussion
Rubin: It's not the Democrats who'll have a problem addressing impeachment
By dalton99a - 18 hrs ago - 26 recs

General Discussion
Naysayers and Doom-Speakers Should STFU for Now.
By MineralMan - 54 min ago - 24 recs

General Discussion
Ari Melber on MSNBC -- made an EXCELLENT point
By TruckFump - 1 hr ago - 24 recs

General Discussion
75 Years Ago Today; The Great Escape
By Dennis Donovan - 13 hrs ago - 24 recs

General Discussion
I've always advocated having a president who is multi-lingual
By DFW - 14 hrs ago - 24 recs

General Discussion
Chuck Schumer on Twitter
By orangecrush - 34 min ago - 23 recs

General Discussion
BOTTOM LINE: This is a DISASTER for Donald J. Trump
By RHMerriman - 56 min ago - 23 recs

Video & Multimedia
The Mueller Investigation (full film) FRONTLINE
By Ptah - 19 hrs ago - 22 recs

General Discussion
My wife's response ...Classic
By underpants - 2 hrs ago - 21 recs

Environment & Energy
Trump Assembles A Confederacy Of Dummies To Stymie Climate Science
By Rhiannon12866 - 14 hrs ago - 21 recs

Democratic Primaries
Pete Buttigieg just raised an oft-overlooked topic: the religious left's role in politics
By babylonsister - 20 hrs ago - 21 recs

Democratic Primaries
Bernie Sanders' LA Rally Draws So Many, Overflow Crowd Fills City Hall Steps Across the Street
By vsrazdem - 8 hrs ago - 20 recs

Democratic Primaries
Pete Buttigieg, CNN, Town Hall, March 10, 2019, Austin, TX
By littlemissmartypants - 20 hrs ago - 20 recs

General Discussion
You see what's been done with the Mueller report, right?
By Javaman - 1 hr ago - 19 recs

General Discussion
Malcolm Nance weighs in.
By Different Drummer - 2 hrs ago - 18 recs

General Discussion
Eric Idle: "Dear EU. We made a terrible mistake."
By Tactical Peek - 9 hrs ago - 18 recs

General Discussion
GET IT GIRL !!! THANK YOU NANCY PELOSI !!! Looks like Dems are going to fight !!!
By uponit7771 - 1 hr ago - 17 recs

General Discussion
****Big picture** per Laurence Tribe and Adam Schiff:
By hlthe2b - 2 hrs ago - 17 recs

General Discussion
Battle over Mueller report begins
By struggle4progress - 18 hrs ago - 17 recs

General Discussion
MUELLER: Our probe does NOT exonerate trump of obstruction.
By MoonRiver - 33 min ago - 16 recs

Democratic Primaries
The Guardian: Pete Buttigieg for president? Long-shot stands out in crowded field
By Celerity - 15 hrs ago - 16 recs

Environment & Energy
Antibiotics set to flood Florida's troubled orange orchards...
By mbusby - 18 hrs ago - 16 recs

General Discussion
Seth Abramson tweet nails it
By gabeana - 28 min ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
Yeah I'm going to need to see the full report.
By Tommy_Carcetti - 3 hrs ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
Today's Dilbert:
By George II - 9 hrs ago - 15 recs

Democratic Primaries
Sisters, lol
By bigtree - 9 hrs ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
A viable theory on the whole 'trump* was sent by God' idea
By Siwsan - 9 hrs ago - 15 recs

Video & Multimedia
Jonanthan Pie. "Brexit: What the fuck is going on?"
By BigmanPigman - 14 hrs ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
Pillow Talk at the Conways - Sack Cartoon
By question everything - 18 hrs ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
David Remnick, The New Yorker: It's Mueller Time
By highplainsdem - 22 hrs ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
Oh look at MSNBC
By SHRED - 22 hrs ago - 15 recs

General Discussion
Preet Bharara: Why is the length of Mueller's report still a secret?
By highplainsdem - 1 hr ago - 14 recs

General Discussion
Benjamin Wittes: "One needs to know not merely that the investigation has concluded but WHY"
By triron - 6 hrs ago - 14 recs

General Discussion
One million join march against Brexit as Tories plan to oust May
By brooklynite - 20 hrs ago - 14 recs

General Discussion
"What Barr's letter about the Mueller report says and doesn't say" - good piece by Jennifer Rubin
By spooky3 - 1 hr ago - 13 recs

General Discussion
Seth Abramson's tweets say don't listen to the media
By BigmanPigman - 2 hrs ago - 13 recs

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