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Russia probe takes Rep. Quigley to Cyprus
Apr 14 - Crain's Chicago Business

Justice Dept. drops federal lawsuit over North Carolinas bathroom bill
Apr 14 - Washington Post

Mike Tyson Asks Chris Christie to Bug Trump About Pardon He Says He Was Promised
Apr 14 - Mediaite

DeVos Pick to Head Civil Rights Office Once Said She Faced Discrimination for Being White
Apr 14 - ProPublica

Court denies student lawsuit alleging LGBTQ protections cause 'distress'
Apr 14 - Associated Press

Hundreds protest outside Russian embassy for gay men in Chechnya
Apr 14 - LGBTQ Nation

Trump was ready to get rid of Export-Import Bank - until a CEO explained to him what it actually...
Apr 14 - RawStory

Warren demands explanation after MOAB strike
Apr 14 - The Hill

Dem Rep.: I Think Kushner 'Intentionally Omitted' Meetings With Russians
Apr 14 - Talking Points Memo

GOP-Nominated Top Elections Official: Voter Fraud Is 'Not Widespread'
Apr 14 - Talking Points Memo

House Dems' campaign arm raises $31M in first quarter
Apr 14 - The Hill

NYT: Trump Didn't Know How FISA Worked Before Making Obama Wiretap Claim
Apr 14 - Talking Points Memo

Japan PM issues sarin warning over North Korea
Apr 14 - The Telegraph

U.S. retail sales, consumer prices slump in March
Apr 14 - Reuters

Tax Day Protests to Demand Trump's Returns
Apr 14 - NBC News

Secret Service costs for Trump family protection continue to mount
Apr 14 - MSN/CBS News

McConnell: Senate Will 'Have A Big Challenge Trying To Pass' O'Care Repeal
Apr 14 - Talking Points Memo

China warns of N. Korea conflict 'at any moment'
Apr 14 - MSN

Former Trump adviser Carter Page held 'strong pro-Kremlin views', says ex-boss
Apr 14 - The Guardian

US Vice President Pence heads to Seoul as North Korea tensions flare
Apr 14 - CNBC

Manhunt suspect Jakubowski nabbed in western Wisconsin
Apr 14 - Milwaukee-Journal Sentinal

North Korea blames Trump and his 'aggressive' tweets for tensions
Apr 14 - The Washington Post

Wisconsin police investigating letter threatening Easter church attacks
Apr 14 - ABC News

U.N. Experts Condemn Killing and Torture of Gay Men in Chechnya
Apr 14 - New York Times

Japan Weighs Plans for S. Korea Evacuation over Nuclear Crisis: Report
Apr 14 - NBC News

British tourist stabbed to death by Palestinian attacker in Jerusalem
Apr 14 - UK Telegraph

36 ISIS fighters killed by US 'mother of all bombs': Afghan official
Apr 14 - CNN

Legislators prepare to sue governor over vetoes
Apr 14 - Albuquerque Journal

Sexual Abuse at Choate Went On for Decades, School Acknowledges
Apr 13 - New York Times

Colombia sent general who lost job over rights abuses to its embassy in US
Apr 13 - McClatchy Washington Bureau

China warns against force as North Korea prepares celebration
Apr 13 - Reuters

West Virginia Governor Brings Out Actual Bulls**t To Show What He Thinks Of Budget Bill
Apr 13 - Huffington Post

The Supreme Court's next big gun case could determine whether you have a constitutional right to car
Apr 13 - Business Insider

Apr 13 - Associated Press

Pelosi calls for 'immediate Congressional scrutiny' after 'saber-rattling on North Korea'
Apr 13 - The Hill

James Comey Says Americans Should Be Wary of 'Troll Farms' Peddling Fake News
Apr 13 - Time

The Anti-Defamation League Is Offering Sean Spicer Remedial Holocaust Lessons
Apr 13 - Huffington Post

The Latest: Police fire 2 officers they say assaulted man
Apr 13 - Associated Press

The Latest: Firms object to drug use in Arkansas executions
Apr 13 - Associated Press

Mississippi high court: Execution plans can be kept secret
Apr 13 - Associated Press

Texas getting first immigrant lockup built under Trump
Apr 13 - Associated Press

Official: 1 dead, 3 hurt in Atlanta transit station shooting
Apr 13 - Associated Press

Man wrongfully convicted in 1957 cold case killing ruled innocent
Apr 13 - CBS News

After Trump O'Care Threats, Dems Signal Potential Gov't Funding Fight Over Subsidies
Apr 13 - Talking Points Memo

CNNs Jeffrey Lord: Think of Trump as Martin Luther King of healthcare
Apr 13 - The Hill

After Stiffing Paint Co., Trump Doral Ordered To Pay Hundreds Of Thousands
Apr 13 - Talking Points Memo

NASA: Nearby ocean worlds could be best bet for life beyond Earth
Apr 13 - CNN

Saudi banks, bin Laden companies face $4.2 billion U.S. lawsuit by 9/11 insurers
Apr 13 - Reuters

Trump says he's "proud" of "very successful job" the military did with the use of 'The Mother of All
Apr 13 - CNBC

Trump quietly signs bill allowing states to withhold money from Planned Parenthood
Apr 13 - CNN

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