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Private Email of Top U.S. Russia Intelligence Official Hacked
Jul 14 - foreignpolicy.com

Kobach Says People Who Are Canceling Voter Registration Might Not Be Citizens
Jul 14 - Talking Points Memo

GOP Rep. On Donald Jr.s Russian Meeting: Nothing Wrong With That
Jul 14 - Talking Points Memo

London acid attacks: 5 men assaulted in 1 night; 2 arrested
Jul 14 - CNN

U.S. farm lobby turns up heat on Trump team as NAFTA talks near
Jul 14 - Reuters

Tillerson Vents About 'Fragmented' Govt: 'Not A Highly Disciplined Organization'
Jul 14 - Talking Points Memo

Congresswoman urges colleagues to "bare arms" for "Sleeveless Friday" in the House
Jul 14 - CBS News

Trump Data Guru 'Unaware Of Any Russian Involvement' In His Operations
Jul 14 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Jr.'s attorney calls NBC News to clarify
Jul 14 - MSNBC

Grandparents, other extended relatives exempt from Trump travel ban, federal judge rules
Jul 14 - Washington Post

Conway: Hillary Clinton one of the only people who believes in Russia collusion
Jul 14 - Politico

Russia threatens retaliation in U.S. diplomatic row
Jul 14 - CBS News

Carter returns to Habitat for Humanity worksite after leaving hospital
Jul 14 - The Hill

Trump Goes on Bastille Day Tweetstorm Urging Senate Passage of Health Care
Jul 14 - Mediaite

DHS Debunks Trump Claim That Loretta Lynch Let Russian Lawyer Into U.S.
Jul 14 - The Daily Beast

Russian Lawyer Brought Ex-Soviet Counter Intelligence Officer to Trump Team Meeting
Jul 14 - NBC

Trump conflict of interest concerns over links with law firm run by Philippine government official
Jul 14 - Guardian

Poll: 73 percent of Democrats would give up drinking for Trump impeachment
Jul 13 - The Hil

Chile Court Orders Extradition of Pinochet Official in Miami
Jul 13 - Telesur

DeVos Says She Will Revisit Obama-Era Sexual Assault Policies
Jul 13 - New York Times

Abusive Chicago Cop Hoarded Racist Websites for Years
Jul 13 - Daily Beast

Ex-New York Assembly Speaker Silver has conviction voided, faces retrial
Jul 13 - Reuters

Sources: Trump lawyers knew of Russia emails three weeks ago
Jul 13 - Yahoo! News

Kushner pushed for more aggressive defense of Trump Jr. meeting
Jul 13 - Politico

Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide...
Jul 13 - Chicago Tribune

Sold: Final piece of Burlington College
Jul 13 - Burlington Free Press

Senate Republicans are Considering Alternative Scoring for Cruz Amendment Instead of Waiting for CB
Jul 13 - ijr.com

Trump says wall may not need to cover entire U.S.-Mexico border
Jul 13 - Reuters

Uh Oh: O'Care Repeal Bill Counts The Same Pot Of Money Multiple Times
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier will not testify before Senate next week
Jul 13 - Politico

Chile, Germany establish Colonia Dignidad commission
Jul 13 - Deutsche Welle

House to Consider Ban on Transgender Surgery for US Troops
Jul 13 - Associated Press

Steve Bannon misreports $2 million debt in financial disclosure
Jul 13 - Center for Public Integrity

US approves oil drilling in Alaska waters, prompting fears for marine life
Jul 13 - Associated Press

UPDATED: Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: 'Watch Your Back , Bitch'
Jul 13 - Pro Publica

Jul 13 - Associated Press

Trump Changes Tune On Russian Lawyer Meeting: 'Maybe It Was Mentioned'
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

Christie again blocks attempt to rejoin environmental pact
Jul 13 - Associated Press

Special counsel brings on FBI official who oversaw Clinton email investigation
Jul 13 - CNN

Magellan Midstream Partners pipeline ruptures in Texas, forcing evacuations
Jul 13 - Reuters

House to consider ban on transgender surgery for US troops
Jul 13 - Washington Post

Trump Tells French First Lady Shes In Such Good Shape (VIDEO)
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

Clergy Arrested in McConnell's office
Jul 13 - The Charlotte Observer

Advocacy Groups Accuse Trump Camp Of Violating Law In Russian Meeting
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

Rep. Poliquin under fire in video, audio over health care legislation
Jul 13 - Portland Press Herald

Revised Senate health-care bill still lacks the votes to pass
Jul 13 - Washington Post

Leaked Documents Suggest Secretive Billionaire Trump Donors Are Milos Patrons
Jul 13 - Buzz Feed News

Collins says shell vote against new GOP health plan
Jul 13 - Bangor Daily News

Trump blames Obama administration for allowing Russian lawyer in US
Jul 13 - the hill

Trump Noncommittal On Paris Climate Accord: It Will 'Be Okay' Without US
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

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