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Ryan moves to 'modernize' dress code of Speaker's lobby
Jul 13 - Politico

Competing plans deal Senate health-care push a surprise setback
Jul 13 - The Washington Post

US charging 412 in health fraud schemes worth $1.3 billion
Jul 13 - AP

CBS News forms partnership with BBC, replacing Sky
Jul 13 - Reuters

Jimmy Carter hospitalized after collapsing while working on Habitat for Humanity house
Jul 13 - The Hill

UPDATED-Trump is 'very likely' to recertify Iranian compliance with Iran nuclear deal: U.S. official
Jul 13 - Reuters

Pelosi calls for outside commission to probe Russian meddling in US election
Jul 13 - Reuters

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Wants Donald Trump Jr. To Testify
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

CBO: Trump's budget doesn't balance federal ledger
Jul 13 - Yahoo Finance (AP)

Trump: After health care, tax reform will be 'so easy'
Jul 13 - Politico

GOP Senators Unveil Alternative To Current Obamacare Repeal Bill
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

Kushner adds 'more than 100 names' of foreign contacts he initially left out of required forms: repo
Jul 13 - RawStory

Justice Department Releases Sessions' Disclosure Form, A Day Late
Jul 13 - NPR

UPDATED - McConnell to release new GOP health plan allowing bare-bones insurance policies
Jul 13 - The Washington Post

US bars people from disentangling whales after Canadians death
Jul 13 - Bangor Daily News

Dem Senator: Don Jr. Has 'Lied Openly and Repeatedly,' And Nobody Should Believe Him
Jul 13 - Mediaite

Conway Uses Props To Show She Doesnt Think Trump Colluded With Russia
Jul 13 - Talking Points Memo

Justice Department Defies Court Deadline To Release Sessions' Contacts With Russians
Jul 13 - NPR

Trumpworld's plan to cut back legal immigration
Jul 13 - axios.com/AP

Turkey Chooses Russia Over NATO for Missile Defense
Jul 13 - Bloomberg

UPDATED. Imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo dies at 61
Jul 13 - The Washington Post

Authorities discover human remains in Bucks County, Pa., where 4 men went missing
Jul 13 - Washington Post

Afghan girls team can travel to U.S. for robotics contest after being denied visas twice
Jul 13 - Washington Post

Department of Education's Civil-Rights Chief Apologizes for Rape Comments
Jul 13 - Associated Press

White House launches preemptive strike on CBO, anticipating report on health care bill
Jul 13 - Yahoo News

1 in 4 Voters in the US May Skip 2018 Midterm Elections Over Hacking Fears
Jul 13 - IT Security Guru

Protests planned as Trump visits Paris to commemorate Bastille Day
Jul 13 - sky.com

I told him I cant breathe: Police punch teen girl after mistaking her for black male suspect
Jul 13 - Washington Post

Trump Impeachment Odds Spike After Donald Trump Jr.s Russia Emails
Jul 12 - Fortune

Lawsuit: Washington cyberstalking law violates free speech
Jul 12 - Associated Press

Execution drug challenge survives, but Arkansas lacks doses
Jul 12 - Associated Press

Trial starts for ex-lawmaker accused in sex-for-rent case
Jul 12 - Associated Press

MIT research associate charged with insider trading
Jul 12 - Associated Press

Judge not inclined to reinstate Trump sanctuary cities order Sudhin Thanawala, Associated Press Up
Jul 12 - Associated Press

Democrats Sue Trump Campaign Over Leaked Emails Tied to Russia
Jul 12 - NYT

Union group led by Eisendrath outduels Trib owner to acquire Sun-Times
Jul 12 - Chicago Sun Times

FDA Panel Recommends Approval for Gene-Altering Leukemia Treatment
Jul 12 - NY Times

Trump had no plans to attend Frances Bastille Day until he learned there was a military parad
Jul 12 - raw story

Tennessee cities adjust to law letting guns in buses, hubs
Jul 12 - Associated Press

FCC chief cracks down on internet subsidy program
Jul 12 - axios.com

Harvard proposal would ban fraternities and sororities
Jul 12 - Associated Press

Lawsuit claims US has threatened and misled immigrants seeking asylum
Jul 12 - The Guardian

Exclusive: Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy
Jul 12 - CNN

Tufts Medical Center Nurses Go On Strike
Jul 12 - WBUR

In blow to moderates, Medicaid cuts remain in Senate health care bill
Jul 12 - MSNBC

Education Dept. Civil Rights Head: 90% of Campus Sexual Assaults Amount to 'We Were Both Drunk'
Jul 12 - Time

AP: Scalise out of intensive care unit
Jul 12 - Associated Press, via Politico

Democrats clamor for Jared Kushner's security clearance to be revoked
Jul 12 - Guardian

Dems: Why did DOJ dismiss fraud case connected to Russian lawyer?
Jul 12 - The Hill

Russian Officials Overheard Discussing Trump Associates Before Campaign Began
Jul 12 - WSJ

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