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Trump: DACA solution should be a 'bill of love'
Jan 9 - The Hill

Judge Lifts Decades-Old Decree Banning RNC 'Ballot Security' Measures
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo

Trump to attend World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
Jan 9 - Politico

Tillerson to launch new investigation into Havana 'attacks'
Jan 9 - The Hill

Democratic congressman introduces "Stable Genius Act"
Jan 9 - CBS News

Joe Arpaio, the fiery former sheriff from Arizona, will run for Senate
Jan 9 - Washington Post

White House Spox Admits Border Wall May Not Be a Wall: Its a 'Border Wall System'
Jan 9 - Mediate

ACLU Wants Kobach Held In Contempt For Skirting Proof-Of-Citizenship Order
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo

Fitness chain bans cable news networks as part of healthy way of life
Jan 9 - Washington Post

US ambassador repeated debunked claim that Abedin has 'egregious' ties to Muslim Brotherhood
Jan 9 - The Hill

GOP lawmaker asks State Dept to stop funding independent media in Hungary
Jan 9 - The Hill

Jan 9 - Newsweek

Judge Orders Defunct Voter Fraud Panel To Clarify Whether DHS Is Getting Voter Data
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo

Teacher is handcuffed by officer at school board meeting
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Land swap for road in Alaska refuge considered again
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Deputy fatally shoots man while trying to serve warrant
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Campus sued over security cost for white nationalist's visit
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Kentucky's Republican House speaker resigns leadership post
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Interior memo says grants should promote Trump priorities: WaPost
Jan 9 - The Hill

Pence planning visits to Nevada, Pennsylvania in push for Republicans in midterms
Jan 9 - The Hill

Sarah Palin's oldest son pleads not guilty in assault case
Jan 9 - Associated Press

McConnell spoke to Hillbilly Elegy author about Senate bid: report
Jan 9 - The Hill

North Korea agrees to send athletes to Winter Olympics, South says
Jan 9 - The Washington Post

WATCH: Fans at Mercedes-Benz Stadium boo President Trump upon arrival to National Championship Game
Jan 9 - seccountry.com

Walk-off: Alabama beats Georgia in OT for national title
Jan 9 - AP

White Texas officer's immunity stands in black man's death
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Donald Trump awarded for undermining press freedom: CPJ
Jan 9 - Daily Star

Call to arms: Trump to ask Pentagon, diplomats to help sell weapons, sources say
Jan 9 - Brisbane Times

Donald Trump Renominates Court Picks Rated Not Qualified To Serve
Jan 9 - Huffington Post

Republicans: Budget deal prospects are dimming
Jan 8 - Politico

Recording of Netanyahu Son Outside Strip Club Aired on Israel TV
Jan 8 - Bloomberg

Jan 8 - Newsweek

Bill Aims to Make Bankrupt Companies File for Protection Closer to Home
Jan 8 - Wall Street Journal

Wolff: Conway, Spicer, Hicks all helped get interviews for my book
Jan 8 - The Hill

Tillerson tells AP Cuba still risky; FBI doubts sonic attack
Jan 8 - Associated Press

Trump Overstates Size of Tax Cuts in Speech to Farmers
Jan 8 - wash post

California Republican Rep. Ed Royce announces he'll retire from Congress
Jan 8 - Los Angeles Times

Kansas state rep: Black people 'responded the worst' to marijuana because of 'their genetics'
Jan 8 - The Hill

Trump-appointed regulators reject plan to rescue coal and nuclear plants
Jan 8 - Washington Post

Nebraska becomes first red state to introduce pro-net neutrality legislation
Jan 8 - The Hill

Google Memo Author James Damore Sues Company For Discrimination Against White Males
Jan 8 - BuzzFeed News

Massachusetts federal prosecutor will not rule out busting pot businesses
Jan 8 - Reuters

Bannon group shopped anti-Trump document in 2015
Jan 8 - CNN

Dennis Kucinich is running for Ohio governor against 6 other Democrats
Jan 8 - Springfield News-Sun

Senate bill to reverse net neutrality repeal gains 30th co-sponsor, ensuring floor vote
Jan 8 - The Hill

White House considering Puzder for administration job
Jan 8 - Politico

White House rejects Bannon's apology
Jan 8 - The Hill

Poll: Trump approval drops to 37 percent
Jan 8 - The Hill

'Fire And Fury' Publisher: Trump Cease-And-Desist 'Flagrantly Unconstitutional'
Jan 8 - Talking Points Memo

RNC sends email depicting Jane Sanders in jail
Jan 8 - The Hill

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