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Tax Law's Cap on State and Local Deductions Is Upheld by Court
Sep 30 - New York Times

Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry's Origins
Sep 30 - New York Times

Jeff Flake urges fellow Republicans to 'save your souls' by opposing Trump in 2020
Sep 30 - MarketWatch

House committees subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents as part of impeachment inquiry
Sep 30 - Washington Post

Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused of groping a journalist
Sep 30 - Washington Post

Republican senators press DOJ to probe Clinton and Ukraine
Sep 30 - Politico

Republican Rep. Chris Collins resigns House seat ahead of guilty plea to insider-trading charges
Sep 30 - Washington Post

Record September snowstorm drops 4 feet of snow on Montana Rockies
Sep 30 - Washington Post

New Details Emerge on Ukraine's Trump Admin Lobbying Blitz
Sep 30 - Daily Beast

McConnell: 'I would have no choice but to take it up' if House votes to impeach Trump
Sep 30 - CNBC

GOP Congressman Will Plead Guilty in Insider-Trading Case
Sep 30 - Bloomberg

Rep. Mac Thornberry becomes sixth Texas Republican in House to announce retirement ahead of 2020
Sep 30 - Dallas News

Trump administration sanctions Russians over 2018 election interference
Sep 30 - Marketwatch

Saudi state media say king's bodyguard shot in 'dispute'
Sep 30 - AP News

Bolton undercuts Trump and says North Korea has no desire to give up its nukes
Sep 30 - Politico

Release of Trump-Putin Calls Needs Mutual Consent, Russia Says
Sep 30 - Bloomberg

Trump asks if House Intel Chair Adam Schiff should face 'arrest for treason'
Sep 30 - CNBC

AP-NORC poll: Most disapprove of Trump on race relations
Sep 30 - AP

Car Bombers in Somalia Hit U.S. and European Military Bases
Sep 30 - New York Times

Trump Was Repeatedly Warned That Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Was 'Completely Debunked'
Sep 30 - NY Times

GOP lawmaker blasts Trump for quoting pastor warning of civil war over impeachment
Sep 29 - The Hill

Trump demands to meet whistleblower, warns of 'big consequences'
Sep 29 - MSN

Whistleblower in Ukraine scandal under federal protection: report
Sep 29 - the hilll

The impeachment inquiry: "We could not ignore what the president did."
Sep 29 - CBS News / 60 Minutes

Federal Election Commissioner Posts Foreign Interference Memo on Twitter
Sep 29 - MSN/NY Times

Trump reportedly worked with 2 'off the books' lawyers to pressure Ukraine for damaging information
Sep 29 - Insider

Whistleblower reaches agreement to testify, will appear 'very soon,' Rep. Adam Schiff says
Sep 29 - USA Today

CBS News poll: Majority of Americans and Democrats approve of Trump impeachment inquiry
Sep 29 - CBS News

Former British leader defends Biden Ukraine scenario
Sep 29 - Politico

NYPD officer investigating gang activity was shot dead in the Bronx
Sep 29 - CNN

67 protesters arrested for demonstration at New Hampshire coal power plant
Sep 29 - ABC News

Los Angeles police recruitment ad on Breitbart prompts inquiry
Sep 29 - NBC News

Large chunk of border wall funding diverted from tiny Guam
Sep 29 - Associated Press

GOP Leadership Memo Suggests Senate Cannot Block Trial If House Votes To Impeach Trump
Sep 29 - Huffington Post

State Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton's former aides
Sep 28 - WaPo

Volker plans to appear before House Foreign Affairs Committee next week
Sep 28 - CNN

Yemen war: Houthi rebels claim mass capture of Saudi troops
Sep 28 - BBC

First House Republican backs Trump impeachment inquiry
Sep 28 - CBS News

FBI release files on Trump's former lawyer and mentor Roy Cohn which detail allegations
Sep 28 - Daily Mail UK

Texas deputy who wore Sikh turban and beard on the job killed during traffic stop
Sep 27 - NBC News

Climate Crisis: 6 Million People Join Latest Wave Of Global Protests
Sep 27 - The Guardian

South Dakota business at center of Senate investigation regarding NRA and Russia
Sep 27 - KELO TV (CBS) Sioux Falls, South Dakota

NYT: Trump met with NRA chief for financial support
Sep 27 - Axios

Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn't concerned about Moscow's interference in U.S. electio
Sep 27 - Washington Post

At least half of Rep. Chris Collins' full-time staff has left since he was indicted
Sep 27 - Roll Call

Trump demands Schiff resign over account of Ukraine call
Sep 27 - The Hill

White House restricted access to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince
Sep 27 - CNN

Top White House officials don't want Lewandowski to lead an impeachment war room
Sep 27 - CNN

Giuliani cancels paid appearance next week at Kremlin-backed conference
Sep 27 - Washington Post

McCain Institute head Kurt Volker steps down as US diplomat
Sep 27 - The State Press

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