Democratic Underground - ck4829's Journal ck4829's Journal Sun, 24 Oct 2021 10:22:27 Sun, 24 Oct 2021 10:22:27 My wiki, Right Wing Infopedia, crosses 800 page mark Tue, 28 Sep 2021 17:33:09 Is it a "labor shortage" or is it a labor-*er* shortage? Tue, 21 Sep 2021 14:07:57 We need to make it clear that assigning divine traits to politicians is more damaging than kneeling Wed, 15 Sep 2021 13:49:20 Well... looks like "I did my own research" finally has its own scientific journal Tue, 14 Sep 2021 09:05:32 Like a genie granting three wishes Sat, 11 Sep 2021 13:42:46 It's great, wonderful, to see the shoe on the other foot Mon, 06 Sep 2021 14:35:34 Republican priorities summed up Sat, 04 Sep 2021 03:30:43 Task force on "indoctrination in schools" goes after successful programs for poor, immigrants Mon, 05 Jul 2021 13:52:24 I would like to make this image the face of googling "critical race theory" Tue, 29 Jun 2021 18:46:35 Oh, THOSE 'different ideas' (6-29-21 edition) Tue, 29 Jun 2021 17:50:31 So with all this talk about "critical race theory", I decided to revisit my notes on critical theory Sun, 27 Jun 2021 13:15:19 Oh, THOSE 'different ideas' Wed, 23 Jun 2021 22:27:16 Florida -- Those students are going to be your future teachers, lawyers, and doctors. Wed, 23 Jun 2021 21:42:23 Top 10 things nobody concerned about Critical Race Theory will ever say Wed, 23 Jun 2021 20:36:03 So, we shouldn't use the 2020 census for redistrictring congressional districts, at all Wed, 23 Jun 2021 19:41:35 The simple act of naming/labeling something is powerful, take "cancel culture" for example... Tue, 22 Jun 2021 14:26:57 Do we not like to talk about our atrocities because WE were on the receiving end sometimes? Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:59:48 America is great BECAUSE a potus can lose reelection (And did) Sat, 05 Jun 2021 16:20:57 If teaching about race and racism is so horrible, then why use race in application forms at all? Sat, 05 Jun 2021 14:59:32 Want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here? Wed, 02 Jun 2021 01:30:25 "Civil war", "armed rebellion", "what happened in Myanmar". Unnecessary when 1 word suffices... Tue, 01 Jun 2021 06:39:52 Look, a transgender person *might* have touched the money I use to pay for things Thu, 20 May 2021 11:23:02 Employers: Want employees? Maybe work to mean "Must have reliable transportation" includes the bus. Mon, 17 May 2021 11:25:25 They are going to do WHATEVER it takes to keep the narrative of "unskilled" labor going Sun, 16 May 2021 22:05:16 Usage of the term "cancel culture" has officially jumped the shark, er, horse Tue, 11 May 2021 03:01:28