Democratic Underground - Eugene's Journal Eugene's Journal Thu, 09 Dec 2021 02:38:29 Thu, 09 Dec 2021 02:38:29 Judge dismisses Gohmert lawsuit seeking to stymie Biden electoral college count Sat, 02 Jan 2021 16:13:07 That Ohio protest photo looked like a zombie movie. Zombie movie directors think so, too. Sat, 18 Apr 2020 13:29:57 Emails cast further doubt on Pompeo's claim NPR reporter lied to him Mon, 27 Jan 2020 15:09:59 Russian hackers who stole DNC emails failed at social media. WikiLeaks helped. Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:31:28 Alex Jones threatened to name a Roger Stone juror. Experts say that might be jury tampering. Fri, 08 Nov 2019 14:04:44 Antarctica likely to drive rapid sea-level rise under climate change Thu, 07 Nov 2019 20:35:20 Climate change: 'Clear and unequivocal' emergency, say scientists Wed, 06 Nov 2019 03:37:40 NYT Editorial Board: The Mess at D.H.S. Fri, 01 Nov 2019 02:12:38 Rising sea levels pose threat to homes of 300m people - study Tue, 29 Oct 2019 23:24:20 Tally of children split at border tops 5,400 in new count Fri, 25 Oct 2019 09:18:29 David Ignatius: For U.S. soldiers, 'it's a dagger to the heart' to abandon the Kurds Tue, 15 Oct 2019 01:55:51 Donald Trump's Own Former National Security Officials Sign Open Letter Saying Ukraine Whistleblower Mon, 07 Oct 2019 15:39:37 Conservatives attacked Ocasio-Cortez over a bizarre town hall speaker. Now, a pro-Trump fringe group Fri, 04 Oct 2019 13:27:23 Countries must triple climate emissions targets to limit global heating to 2C Mon, 23 Sep 2019 02:16:02 El Salvador: Evelyn Hernandez cleared over baby's death Tue, 20 Aug 2019 01:23:05 UK's Johnson puts health service off limits in potential U.S. trade deal: report Tue, 20 Aug 2019 01:17:44 North Pole: multiple lightning strikes follow record-low sea ice levels Tue, 13 Aug 2019 17:19:18 President Trump has made 12,019 false or misleading claims over 928 days Mon, 12 Aug 2019 14:21:40 Republican groups vow to stop buying Twitter ads until McConnell campaign account is unfrozen Thu, 08 Aug 2019 20:23:42 He forgot his phone on the bus and got busted with child porn, officials say. It may have thwarted a Thu, 08 Aug 2019 13:55:40 8chan's new internet host was kicked off its own host just hours later Mon, 05 Aug 2019 19:57:38 Amazon deforestation: Bolsonaro government accused of seeking to sow doubt over data Thu, 01 Aug 2019 19:52:11 Doctors urge probe of child migrant deaths: 'Poor conditions' at border increase risk of spreading f Thu, 01 Aug 2019 14:16:31 ACLU: U.S. has taken nearly 1,000 child migrants from their parents since judge ordered stop to bord Tue, 30 Jul 2019 23:39:42 Border Patrol detains adults with no end - until lawyers sue Tue, 30 Jul 2019 20:04:48