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Sat Dec 30, 2017, 01:49 PM Dec 2017

Al Franken did more to take on Trump than Kirsten Gillibrand ever did, or will do [View all]

Al Franken is the reason we have Robert Mueller investigating Trump and the GOP. Kirsten Gillbrand helped Trump, and hurt us, by leading the charge to force Al Franken to resign. Anyone who believes that her actions will have any effect on the electorate is deluding themselves. Her actions are targeted to appeal to one group and one group only - female Democratic primary voters.

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added to list of things we need to move on from. Voltaire2 Dec 2017 #1
I agree SCantiGOP Dec 2017 #21
I don't think this is done at all. lark Dec 2017 #31
It is not over for me PatSeg Dec 2017 #46
Does seem to be a lot of effort to make us sweep it out.... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #53
It sure does seem that way, doesn't it? PatSeg Dec 2017 #74
Throwing the baby with the bath water. leftcoastie Dec 2017 #188
Yes, he has been an exceptional senator PatSeg Dec 2017 #189
+10000 to this OP and sub thread. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2017 #217
+++1000 heaven05 Dec 2017 #204
Good post. Me too! KPN Dec 2017 #148
Me too! I will not forgive, will not forget! rainy Dec 2017 #162
Yes PatSeg Dec 2017 #170
Totally!! Alice11111 Jan 2018 #228
Because it will not take long befofe the 2020 candidates wannabe start parading question everything Dec 2017 #49
Those who fail to understand the past are condemned to repeat it. Crunchy Frog Dec 2017 #141
And those who dwell on the past are condemned to live in it SCantiGOP Dec 2017 #157
I'd hardly call a few weeks "dwelling" Crunchy Frog Dec 2017 #172
It's over for me... blue cat Dec 2017 #185
Dead to me too. I am working to have her lose the Dem primary Alice11111 Jan 2018 #229
Sweep an injustice under the rug? WyLoochka Dec 2017 #205
Well stated. Alice11111 Jan 2018 #230
oh no heaven05 Dec 2017 #88
I want to say quickly that I agree with everything you've said before your post gets deleted. politicaljunkie41910 Dec 2017 #160
+1000000 murielm99 Dec 2017 #184
+1000000000 betsuni Dec 2017 #225
Yep Lunabell Dec 2017 #190
Sure. Why learn from your mistakes when you can do them over and over? Jakes Progress Dec 2017 #211
Gillibrand has been a longtime campaigner against sexual abuse and assault. Blue_true Dec 2017 #2
Before or after Hillary and Bill itsrobert Dec 2017 #11
Thank you True Blue American Dec 2017 #68
With the exception of political expediency that is SHRED Dec 2017 #30
No, she was being extremist and hostile to due process, which her target welcomed. EOM elfin Dec 2017 #78
He. Could. Have. Fought. Back.. whathehell Dec 2017 #122
KG organized the mob.His decision was for the party. elfin Dec 2017 #150
The "mob"? whathehell Dec 2017 #176
Bet it looked like a mob to him elfin Dec 2017 #186
You think so?...I'd guess that he's made of stronger stuff, myself whathehell Dec 2017 #187
Spot on. Alice11111 Jan 2018 #234
She is deserving of our praise and appreciation for what she is doing. L. Coyote Dec 2017 #139
I agree. Blue_true Dec 2017 #179
No Gradations Gillibrand does not deserve my praise WyLoochka Dec 2017 #209
Then she should have gone after Claire McCaskill who helped block Gillibrand's bill that would have dflprincess Dec 2017 #192
No, since there was no sexual abuse or assault. Just her blind ambition Alice11111 Jan 2018 #231
Exactly my issue. lark Jan 2018 #236
Well stated. She's not from my state either,but I did work Alice11111 Jan 2018 #238
I'm angry and hurt, too janterry Dec 2017 #3
Yeah, but men are allowed make mistakes -- Women not so much. whathehell Dec 2017 #10
Schumer had the major role-he is Minority Leader delisen Dec 2017 #54
I don't think anyone has forgotten Schumer's role in this.... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #83
Yes, and have you noticed how he (and the other "he's") are so rarely whathehell Dec 2017 #111
Could it be because Gillebrand is clearly positioning herself for a presidential run in 2020... regnaD kciN Dec 2017 #144
It's not "clear" to me.. whathehell Dec 2017 #149
She is not a victim here. She led the effort KPN Dec 2017 #153
She led the effort, but it would have gone Nowhere without the followers whathehell Dec 2017 #173
It does. So when I evaluate her against KPN Dec 2017 #181
I can understand that.. whathehell Dec 2017 #182
Lynch mobs don't succeed without the followers WyLoochka Dec 2017 #210
Lynch mobs... Really? whathehell Dec 2017 #213
Al is done - Dems killed his lucid voice. lark Dec 2017 #33
Is that wishful thinking? LakeArenal Dec 2017 #86
Yes, I want an ethics investigation to clear his name. lark Dec 2017 #152
Sorry, I misunderstood. LakeArenal Dec 2017 #156
President? SoCalMusicLover Dec 2017 #164
I just can't agree. LakeArenal Dec 2017 #167
Not sure. He should move to NY and primary Guillibrand. Alice11111 Jan 2018 #232
She and others shot the party in the foot or maybe worse than that. lark Jan 2018 #235
This particular female Democratic voter is disgusted by what she did The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2017 #4
Agree 1000%! cornball 24 Dec 2017 #12
This woman feels as you do. She's my Senator jrthin Dec 2017 #13
Who's Teatree? MoonRiver Dec 2017 #15
Sorry, Zephyr Teachout. jrthin Dec 2017 #16
I hope that happens! MoonRiver Dec 2017 #23
Nope. Teachout is NOT close to what we need. Wwcd Dec 2017 #41
She also lost her race for a seat in the state legislature in 2016. lapucelle Dec 2017 #118
Not much of a record to take on the Kremlin Kraken is there. Wwcd Dec 2017 #124
Teachout out is divisive and murielm99 Dec 2017 #57
How would you discern "leftist" from "progressive"? whathehell Dec 2017 #123
Oh, so we are going to get into semantics, murielm99 Dec 2017 #125
Huh? whathehell Dec 2017 #180
See heaven05's post, murielm99 Dec 2017 #183
You can't be serious. First of all she won't win statewide so if she succeeded in winning the Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #47
WOW, Run, Zephyr, RUN! disndat Dec 2017 #65
And? A professor at fordham is one cred. What are her other creds to challenge a sitting Dem? Wwcd Dec 2017 #82
Anybody can run and win... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #90
"Anybody" ran & won the WH in 2016. Wwcd Dec 2017 #98
So dismissive and snarky.. LakeArenal Dec 2017 #104
Your Personal insult to my post just reiterated my last response. Wwcd Dec 2017 #128
In America, anyone can run and anyone can win... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #134
I've rarely heard her name & I'm suppose to support her? Wwcd Dec 2017 #137
Oxford dictionary LakeArenal Jan 2018 #227
That would be good. If nothing else, KPN Dec 2017 #171
Same here. nt scarletwoman Dec 2017 #24
As does this woman choie Dec 2017 #27
K & R Wwcd Dec 2017 #35
Yep. She killed off our best Dem warrior, fast, before Alice11111 Dec 2017 #58
Gillibrand had her 15 minutes of fame disndat Dec 2017 #71
I hope G loses the primary in a landslide sufficient Alice11111 Dec 2017 #73
Completely agree! dflprincess Dec 2017 #193
This woman takes a hard pass, too. n/t susanna Dec 2017 #197
+10000000000000 Alice11111 Jan 2018 #239
I like Al left-of-center2012 Dec 2017 #5
K&R stonecutter357 Dec 2017 #6
This is just ignorant and blatant ratfucking. Nt NCTraveler Dec 2017 #7
Tell us how you really feel left-of-center2012 Dec 2017 #9
Stupidly sexist and simply wrong, as this thread should demonstrate.. whathehell Dec 2017 #18
Al Franken was the victim choie Dec 2017 #29
Always remember this, Wellstone ruled Dec 2017 #32
Franken also "led" Gorsuch to expose himself pubicly as a robotic judicial zealot stuffmatters Dec 2017 #112
Sure did. Wellstone ruled Dec 2017 #158
Sure did! Labelled Gorsuch forever as the ahole judge who ruled workers obligated to freeze to death stuffmatters Dec 2017 #178
Exactly Alice11111 Dec 2017 #59
It sure is. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #48
+1 Exactly. n/t FSogol Dec 2017 #63
You forgot "transparent". meadowlander Dec 2017 #174
It appears you do not know what ratfucking is WyLoochka Dec 2017 #206
I'm a female primary voter and I don't vote primarily by Gender whathehell Dec 2017 #8
Absolutely. My Repub dentist said that I voted for Hillary Alice11111 Dec 2017 #64
Are the Democrats (we) also supposed to be the anti-bullying party? StTimofEdenRoc Dec 2017 #14
Yes. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #69
Females are the majority of Democratic voters Progressive dog Dec 2017 #17
You need to get your facts right. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #70
Which "facts" do you mean? Progressive dog Dec 2017 #199
K&R Owl Dec 2017 #19
There are many great women to pick from. safeinOhio Dec 2017 #20
or the brightest. Her loyalty has been tested at least 3 times, Alice11111 Dec 2017 #72
I'll bet $5 that Gillibrand is not done as a senator ClarendonDem Dec 2017 #131
We do not need to lose! G is much more divisive than Hillary. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #140
Gillibrand is much more popular ClarendonDem Dec 2017 #145
The Clintons worked to put her in office. She trashed them.. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #168
I Have a Feeling There Was a Kompromat Piece to the United Dem Calls for Franken's Resignation dlk Dec 2017 #22
Heavens leftstreet Dec 2017 #26
Yes, I agree, more info needs to come out, but in the rush to Alice11111 Dec 2017 #165
This female Democrat will never vote mchill Dec 2017 #25
So in a general election it's her and Republican...you won't vote for her? What you'll just stay Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #38
If Dems don't manifest their aversion to G now, then the DNC too might get behind her w that logic stuffmatters Dec 2017 #97
I'm with you. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #218
Gillibrand should pack her bags and go home for Rene Dec 2017 #28
I am deeply upset with any person who thinks any Democrat should go home. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #44
We dont have the luxury of teliing anyone to pack their bags and leave... JHB Dec 2017 #92
An ethics investigation would have revealed Roger Stones involvement. Qutzupalotl Dec 2017 #34
And it is done so let's move on. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #43
Nah Ghost Owl Dec 2017 #200
Totally Agree Rene Dec 2017 #215
OMG enough already. Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #36
+10000000000000 Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #40
+1000000 crazycatlady Dec 2017 #105
Amen. NT Bleacher Creature Dec 2017 #143
I Disagree erpowers Dec 2017 #37
Not all democrats are created equal. CrispyQ Dec 2017 #208
Why do you think this is a post that is needed at this moment. I liked Franken and didn't like Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #39
I mostly would agree with you... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #81
K&R. lunamagica Dec 2017 #42
Franken chose to resign. David__77 Dec 2017 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Dec 2017 #56
agreed gopiscrap Dec 2017 #50
K&R zentrum Dec 2017 #51
I suggest we do what Al will do, unconditional support of the party Eliot Rosewater Dec 2017 #52
Never trust anyone who calls another person's opinion... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #55
Only way I vote for Gillibrand is with my nose held in the General aeromanKC Dec 2017 #60
Our party will be forever weaker with his departure and absence. NurseJackie Dec 2017 #61
Ok but he's not leaving the party and he didn't die. Just wait with your weaker stuff Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #75
Lord. NurseJackie Dec 2017 #135
Come on now Ghost Owl Dec 2017 #201
I'm trying to be positive. That is all. Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #219
Then she needs to pick up the baton and get on with it eleny Dec 2017 #62
We survived. Cary Dec 2017 #66
Exactly Cary. sheshe2 Dec 2017 #106
I love the smell of sowing division in the morning. Scurrilous Dec 2017 #67
I support Kirsten Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #76
No; many DON'T agree he should have resigned! Chasstev365 Dec 2017 #77
Yup. A rather large majority, in fact. Bradical79 Dec 2017 #84
Did I say a majority? Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #95
First of all, she is a Senator, not a "Congresswoman." Chasstev365 Dec 2017 #154
Well said. LakeArenal Dec 2017 #169
Polls taken recently when Franken's groping hasn't been in the news mythology Dec 2017 #129
Absolutely patently false Nevernose Dec 2017 #155
Your poll is outdated Ghost Owl Dec 2017 #203
Many do Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #85
Irrelevant? LakeArenal Dec 2017 #94
I think that's what most of us do here Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #99
WHAT? LakeArenal Dec 2017 #103
Tina Smith is a Democrat Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #108
Smith will represent the Dems well. Wwcd Dec 2017 #114
And MN now has two female Senators Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #115
Stronger Together & we'll need all we can get to reverse the damage done Wwcd Dec 2017 #120
Okay you got me on the word seat LakeArenal Dec 2017 #116
in 10 monthes she will have to defend that seat questionseverything Dec 2017 #161
Both Sanders & Ellison jumped on that G bandwagon Wwcd Dec 2017 #110
Nope, Nope and Nope. Wrong on all counts. n/t USALiberal Dec 2017 #121
Franken could run again Bradical79 Dec 2017 #79
Yeah, let's push him out and see if he can go back in dalton99a Dec 2017 #136
We have lost heaven05 Dec 2017 #80
Wonder why Gillibrand didn't take on the Pervert in Chief, Alice11111 Dec 2017 #87
yep heaven05 Dec 2017 #89
Like this? Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #101
Do not support Dems helping RW creeps ratfrack a fellow Dem cp Dec 2017 #91
+1000000 Alice11111 Dec 2017 #93
Do you think if Gilli would admit what a huge mistake she made... LakeArenal Dec 2017 #100
Leahy sort of did. I think she has run out of time to try Alice11111 Dec 2017 #113
Gee Alice, you state the position so well LakeArenal Dec 2017 #117
Wow! Thank you, LakeArenal, you made my day. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #126
+100 Duppers Dec 2017 #194
This dflprincess Dec 2017 #96
Yeah, and, unfortuntely, not just manipulated by Repubs. Alice11111 Dec 2017 #127
Threads like this show me that DU hasn't learned a damn thing from 2016. DU is primed and ready to FSogol Dec 2017 #102
Never trust anyone who uses words like pathetic in an reference to someone else's opinion. LakeArenal Dec 2017 #107
Yeah, sounds sort of like, "Believe me. Believe me." Alice11111 Dec 2017 #130
Agreed Stuckinthebush Dec 2017 #109
I reserve my bashing to those who attack good Democrats dansolo Dec 2017 #221
The people who want this to be over... quickesst Dec 2017 #119
I hesitated to post this, but since we are still talking about her... jodymarie aimee Dec 2017 #132
You are correct. Female Democratic Primary Voters are important, democratisphere Dec 2017 #133
We're still doing this? One day from 2018? Bleacher Creature Dec 2017 #138
I'm guessing this was prompted by a recent Gillibrand-cheerleading thread... JHB Dec 2017 #202
Fair point. Bleacher Creature Dec 2017 #216
She's the one who started the "resign, now" ball rolling... JHB Dec 2017 #224
I on't want her as our nominee! IMO she has little to no personality. It's necessary to get napi21 Dec 2017 #226
That was exactly why I started this thread dansolo Dec 2017 #223
As a democratic woman pamdb Dec 2017 #142
Post removed Post removed Dec 2017 #146
maybe you should check your facts first. drray23 Dec 2017 #175
Who will speak for the oppressed old white males? LexVegas Dec 2017 #147
Focus on midterms! Heartstrings Dec 2017 #151
Or, Al can be POTUS, and appoint Kirsten ambassador to the country of her choice! MoonRiver Dec 2017 #159
That'll work! Heartstrings Dec 2017 #166
I never did believe in biting ones tongue. K&R BootinUp Dec 2017 #163
Im a female Dem voter and wont be voting for her. Auntie Bush Dec 2017 #177
same here n/t orleans Dec 2017 #196
Well, women made up 57% of Democratic primary voters, men 43%. pnwmom Dec 2017 #191
she certainly didn't win this female dem over orleans Dec 2017 #195
Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and lots of patriarchal perverts tell us to "move on" IronLionZion Dec 2017 #198
Kick MoonRiver Dec 2017 #207
She actually set back the fight against trump. Jakes Progress Dec 2017 #212
Inside scoop from the mouth of a DCCC person I met on Franken: flamingdem Dec 2017 #214
We know who the next Lieberman is dalton99a Dec 2017 #222
True! ananda Dec 2017 #220
Thanks for speaking the truth, OP. Alice11111 Jan 2018 #233
I especially enjoyed how all the evidence you supplied supporting your premise was cited and sourced LanternWaste Jan 2018 #237
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