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The Cleaners begin their work. [View all] Fred Sanders Feb 2018 OP
It will be the same old shit again. America is a nation of professional mourners, and then it ends. RKP5637 Feb 2018 #1
Students streaming out schools on a video loop is the best they can do...always the same. Fuckers. Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #3
I don't think they're allowed to, by FCC rules. bearsfootball516 Feb 2018 #2
But Saying Pussy & Shithole, Perfectly Acceptable SoCalMusicLover Feb 2018 #4
It's a completely propagandized nation. It's damn disgusting. The chief pussy grabber can say RKP5637 Feb 2018 #8
Fucking NRA and fucking corrupt politicians at ththe fucking trough: Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #13
Yes, from Russia. htuttle Feb 2018 #14
It's just about a totally corrupt place. I would get the hell out of I could. I think the future for RKP5637 Feb 2018 #15
More like NRA and corporate media rules. We need a light. Not more blackouts of the violence. Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #5
I used to think that might spur some gun control, but after the first 100 or so pictures of Vinca Feb 2018 #6
If I were a younger person and had the chance, I would be out of the US damn fast. The RKP5637 Feb 2018 #10
I have to agree with you completely. Vinca Feb 2018 #12
He Was Not Even The First SoCalMusicLover Feb 2018 #11
It will be kids with phones taking pictures that finally get the cruelty trc Feb 2018 #7
And start televising executions. marble falls Feb 2018 #9
No way... Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #16
Thats a good articlethank you renate Feb 2018 #17
That is very true that it would be up to the family members of the victims. logosoco Feb 2018 #32
It was images of the horror of war that turned the tide of public opinion in Vietnam. The graphic Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #35
Here you go, OP: Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #18
Sounds of gunfire and terror are not near enough to shock the nation to action. To the contrary Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #19
The blood (and presumably dead bodies) weren't enough for you? Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #20
Thanks. I have a small phone. I see it now. It is good start but will it be broadcast? Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #21
Please watch it closely all the way through Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #22
Yes I did. Truly shocking...almost exactly what is needed. Also this: Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #23
Creative movement of your goalposts from their initial location. LanternWaste Feb 2018 #24
?? Goalposts were where and where are they now. Same goalposts! Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #25
Horrible underpants Feb 2018 #27
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2018 #28
Everyone should see this. berni_mccoy Feb 2018 #33
I voted malaise Feb 2018 #26
I say show all the pictures. Show what guns really do. Oneironaut Feb 2018 #29
It is harsh,but we as a society do need to see the real brutality. logosoco Feb 2018 #30
"It does seem harsh, but when it is sanitized it is not hitting folks hard enough...." Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #31
Turned The Tide In Vietnam ProfessorGAC Feb 2018 #34
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