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Never owned a gun, never will. [View all] LuckyCharms Feb 2018 OP
You can always canfeild123 Feb 2018 #1
It's kind of strange when I look back on my life... LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #2
Me too. Dave Starsky Feb 2018 #8
Have you ever seen the video of that cop... LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #9
Was the cop's name Bernard P. Fife? Dave Starsky Feb 2018 #16
LOL...yes close to this. I found the video... LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #17
That is simultaneously terrifying and hilarious. Dave Starsky Feb 2018 #20
This one cracks me up every time Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2018 #43
LOL...I try not to laugh, but I can't help it. LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #52
OMG! Egnever Feb 2018 #51
PS, welcome to DU, canfeild123 LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #3
I think if you grew up in rural America, on a farm or in the wilderness I can see the need. Fla Dem Feb 2018 #39
Rattlesnakes? I've had plenty of encounters with those. Nothing to get the guns out for. hunter Feb 2018 #61
I grew up in a family of hunter who ate the meat trixie2 Feb 2018 #67
I feel the same as you do. Never owned one, never wanted one, Wwcd Feb 2018 #4
I was just pondering that... LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #5
In my opinion, "I'm a responsible, law-abiding gun-owner, but..." Aristus Feb 2018 #6
I tend to agree. LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #7
I think it was either the same day or the same week as Sandy Hook. Aristus Feb 2018 #10
Yep...another one that I've been seeing a lot of lately... LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #11
To that I say loyalsister Feb 2018 #71
Yang Qingpei killed 19 on September 29, 2016 in his home village with a knife. On 18 September... Marengo Feb 2018 #33
Like you, I've never owned a gun and never desired to own a gun. Arkansas Granny Feb 2018 #12
Love the last sentence. Iggo Feb 2018 #13
. LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #15
Me too, but I am 55. BigmanPigman Feb 2018 #38
Same here. ananda Feb 2018 #14
. LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #18
More than half the people who don't own a gun now could see themselves doing so in the future. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2018 #19
Do you have a link for that? LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #21
Yes. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2018 #22
OK thanks. I'll look at it, but that does not change my opinion LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #23
Oh, I wasn't trying to change your opinion. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2018 #24
Do you know many people who have fired a gun at someone in self-defense... LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #26
A couple who have done the latter. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2018 #29
Did they have a gun pointed at them when this happened? LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #30
One, no; don't know about the others. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2018 #34
"a valuable part of self-protection..." hunter Feb 2018 #35
Nor I. tavernier Feb 2018 #25
That is your choice (and I respect it) melm00se Feb 2018 #27
How many people do you know that have used a gun for self-defense? LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #28
Lived out in the country and used one to safeinOhio Feb 2018 #36
Agree. LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #37
If you are in by the time the street safeinOhio Feb 2018 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Feb 2018 #69
Not everyone melm00se Feb 2018 #41
I have made it 53 years without one. logosoco Feb 2018 #31
same...nt G_j Feb 2018 #32
Me neither. I'm 70 and was actually threatened for video taping illegal sinkingfeeling Feb 2018 #40
Never owned a gun, can't imagine a situation where I ever would. Stonepounder Feb 2018 #42
I have the best kind of "gun" leftieNanner Feb 2018 #44
We have to convince the gun lovers that we don't want to take away their guns FakeNoose Feb 2018 #45
I owned one when I was a police officer (when dinosaurs roamed the earth). Vinca Feb 2018 #46
Same here NRaleighLiberal Feb 2018 #47
No guns for me Vanessa Rose Feb 2018 #48
Welcome to DU! n/t LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #49
Thank you Vanessa Rose Feb 2018 #65
I've owned a number of guns over the years. Paladin Feb 2018 #50
I don't let anyone I'd care to shoot live in my head. hunter Feb 2018 #53
You are far BRAVER than anyone who needs a gun for courage. joanbarnes Feb 2018 #54
Thank you for saying that, but I'm far from brave. LuckyCharms Feb 2018 #56
Me either extvbroadcaster Feb 2018 #55
I don't currently own a gun, jb5150 Feb 2018 #57
This is where the debate gets stuck... DaDeacon Feb 2018 #58
But they come to the argument with their own absolute: Second Amendment, so fuck you. Iggo Feb 2018 #59
that's true, sometimes but... DaDeacon Feb 2018 #60
We've been coming to them with baby steps for years. Iggo Feb 2018 #62
yes we have DaDeacon Feb 2018 #64
start by considering the NRA a fucking TERRORIST organziation Skittles Feb 2018 #70
YMMV -exactly correct. aikoaiko Feb 2018 #63
Grew up the son of a Marine...around guns my whole life. Like shooting them jmg257 Feb 2018 #68
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