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Response to Post removed (Reply #52)

A distinction needs to be made: [View all] Ken Burch Feb 2018 OP
Sadly, the same can be argued about support for Trump's ideas. zaj Feb 2018 #1
That is true. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #2
Don't be ridiculous RandomAccess Feb 2018 #5
"the popular support for the ideas associated that campaign is and was real" zaj Feb 2018 #8
NOPE.You apparently didn't read the question. I'll try again. RandomAccess Feb 2018 #9
I never said T___p's ideas Ken Burch Feb 2018 #11
I Wasn't talking about T___p's ideas Ken Burch Feb 2018 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author RandomAccess Feb 2018 #12
That wasn't me saying that. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #13
Sorry - I'll delete that. Got confused. RandomAccess Feb 2018 #14
Thanks. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #15
Ill give you one idea where Trump and Bernie were the same GulfCoast66 Feb 2018 #19
The problem with TPP was how it was created. Caliman73 Feb 2018 #22
Oh please. Looking back... GulfCoast66 Feb 2018 #25
All true but Hillary came out against it MaryMagdaline Feb 2018 #28
I think opposing it was one of Hillarys largest mistake GulfCoast66 Feb 2018 #29
The only real point of the TPP was "containing China". Ken Burch Feb 2018 #36
Suffice to say I disagree GulfCoast66 Feb 2018 #37
It's not a question of trusting Obama OR trusting T___p Ken Burch Feb 2018 #42
I never questioned the Sincerity of those on the left opposed GulfCoast66 Feb 2018 #43
A six Part article from the Roosevelt Institute on why the TPP is bad for the U.S. CentralMass Feb 2018 #102
The deal was already in final form. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #32
True. Eliot Rosewater Feb 2018 #3
I love your passion Ken. nocalflea Feb 2018 #4
Who is arguing otherwise? LanternWaste Feb 2018 #6
Thank you! NurseJackie Feb 2018 #20
I think that's a secret. betsuni Feb 2018 #21
Who is EVER arguing otherwise in these strange moments of Ken? Squinch Feb 2018 #51
Exactly! (Excellent! Thank you!) NurseJackie Feb 2018 #88
. Squinch Feb 2018 #97
I agree, after today though I don't think he should be the front for those ideas. disappointed uponit7771 Feb 2018 #7
I doubt he will be, and I've been arguing since the "Identity politics" speech Ken Burch Feb 2018 #17
+1,000,000. I wonder what the end game is for all the Bernie bashing going on. I feel like I tuned diva77 Feb 2018 #16
Some of is is probably directed by the party leadership. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #18
If Bernie said that he absolutely was not running in 2020 a lot of the tension seaglass Feb 2018 #23
Instead, Weaver is out there saying he is a front-runner for 2020. nt. NCTraveler Feb 2018 #30
Which is not even true, Biden is the front runner. seaglass Feb 2018 #31
I doubt Biden would do well against T___p Ken Burch Feb 2018 #34
I'd argue that he could be persuaded to guarantee that Ken Burch Feb 2018 #33
I never thought Sen. Sanders ideas were unique...they are things Democrat have talked about for Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #46
I'm not implying that the left will be victimized, OR that the ideas of the Sanders campaign Ken Burch Feb 2018 #48
Look we have to question the Sander phenomenon because according to Mueller at least some of it was Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #49
What would "moving on" mean? Shouldn't it mean "let 2016 go already"... Ken Burch Feb 2018 #58
Oh, Good Grief! NurseJackie Feb 2018 #60
Yep. sheshe2 Feb 2018 #66
Hey there! NurseJackie Feb 2018 #70
Good to see you, Jackie. sheshe2 Feb 2018 #71
Hillary's beautiful laugh is contagious.. Cha Feb 2018 #74
Not some... millions...and that would explain a great deal in terms of election numbers. Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #84
Again... a pitch-perfect response that relies on facts (not emotion or hyperbole) to make the point. NurseJackie Feb 2018 #92
You are so kind. I think you rock too. Mueller's report explains a great deal ... Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #93
What should we give the insurgents? Eko Feb 2018 #53
Respect as people whose ideas are valid. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #63
No, no, no and no. Eko Feb 2018 #79
You are correct! It reminds me of the climate change deniers demaning "equal time"... NurseJackie Feb 2018 #89
+1 betsuni Feb 2018 #98
And it's legitimate for him to want to keep those supporters together. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #61
Party Leadership? sheshe2 Feb 2018 #56
And I'll be voting for every Dem and trying to get people I know to do the same. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #59
I can't keep having this same conversation over and over again. sheshe2 Feb 2018 #65
They'll also be four years older and four years WISER than before... NurseJackie Feb 2018 #72
I hope so, Jackie... sheshe2 Feb 2018 #73
People act like some voters are frozen in time... NurseJackie Feb 2018 #75
People change. sheshe2 Feb 2018 #76
Thank you NurseJackie! betsuni Feb 2018 #77
It gives the trolls a free pass to bash the 'left' RandiFan1290 Feb 2018 #24
I have never seen anyone 'bash' the left and what is the left...a person who supports Sen. Sanders? Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #47
If I might ask? sheshe2 Feb 2018 #57
How is posting Muellers findings/indictments sheshe2 Feb 2018 #54
"Well, uh... what I mean is... uh... it's just that... uh... IT JUST IS, THAT'S ALL!!" NurseJackie Feb 2018 #94
Lol sheshe2 Feb 2018 #96
Also... Mike Nelson Feb 2018 #26
Do you still insist that Hillary Clinton co-founded the DLC? betsuni Feb 2018 #27
I made a small error there. Sorry. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #35
Oh Ken, if you're not going to be honest with me I think we should see a therapist. betsuni Feb 2018 #38
I am honest. I'm being honest in admitting I got that wrong. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #39
This comment is personal abuse. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #41
It matters a great deal.. give Cha Feb 2018 #69
### NurseJackie Feb 2018 #78
LOL.. Why thank you, Zolton! Cha Feb 2018 #80
LOL! :-D NurseJackie Feb 2018 #87
Heh betsuni Feb 2018 #81
Agreed Gothmog Feb 2018 #86
... betsuni Feb 2018 #85
Ken she did not found the DLC and didn't have that much involvment...and those tactics won back Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #45
Excellent reply! Factual and well-researched. But... you're unlikely to receive a response. NurseJackie Feb 2018 #90
Fact are stubborn things. Thanks for the compliment and your own stellar posts. Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #91
But one corrupt or careless candidate can fuck it all up. Orsino Feb 2018 #40
The fact that so many who claimed to support the candidacy were frauds means we Demsrule86 Feb 2018 #44
whatever Skittles Feb 2018 #50
Post removed Post removed Feb 2018 #52
Post removed Post removed Feb 2018 #64
Amen, Hoyt! Cha Feb 2018 #67
Agreed! Hoyt deserves a round of applause for that! NurseJackie Feb 2018 #95
It's a Bona Fide Truth. Cha Feb 2018 #99
Agreed Gothmog Feb 2018 #100
Sure- but only while acknowledging the support was actually overblown by Russian bots. bettyellen Feb 2018 #55
That would be online support. Ken Burch Feb 2018 #62
RWers and Russians encouraged cross over voting for Danders... bettyellen Feb 2018 #68
Someday, I hope you understand that the following things are not true. betsuni Feb 2018 #82
The Russian efforts were successful-just look at JPR Gothmog Feb 2018 #83
A distiction has been made. LOL. betsuni Feb 2018 #101
LOL! It most certainly has! Hasn't it? NurseJackie Feb 2018 #103
HA, yes! You nailed it here. R B Garr Mar 2018 #104
Recommended. H2O Man Mar 2018 #105
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