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3. Yet another conservative The Hill push to spin Comey to safety.
Sun Apr 1, 2018, 04:24 PM
Apr 2018

The big question for all of us really NEEDS to be, WHY did he and McCabe do it? WHY did they both commit what amounted to career suicide by interfering in the election on behalf of the right? And was Comey acting alone with his deputy and a few others in the FBI, or was he engaged in a conspiracy with other powers on the right to subvert our election?

Trump should of course have protected Comey's job, instead of firing him with the official (at least attempted official) excuse of interfering in the election, but Trump of course was too much of a loose cannon to stick to his role.

So Comey's self protective book and tour, rejecting Rosenstein's reason for firing and pushing a very different vision, are anything BUT a giant mistake for him. His actions show clearly that he was, at very least, interfering in the election. So he's doing his proactive best to cause the nation to see instead only the picture he wants, of Comey as a great American hero the nation can believe in.

Note that the forces protecting Comey are extremely powerful and have mostly been able to control the MSM narrative on this. Comey's book will give them much to spill out adulatory messages over, and we should all watch for the names of those who pump this message out.

Yesterday, though, I heard a cluster of talking heads on MSNBC or CNN clearly not at all buying Comey's victim story and hinting at his interference, which may auger poorly for Comey's future.

It is his choice.............. Angry Dragon Apr 2018 #1
I Think If Anything there is Much Too Much Secrecy About This Investigation Stallion Apr 2018 #2
Yet another conservative The Hill push to spin Comey to safety. Hortensis Apr 2018 #3
His Biography Proudly Notes He's a Contributor to Newsmax Stallion Apr 2018 #4
Do you think James Comey is a RWNJ? (n/t) PJMcK Apr 2018 #6
Nut job? No. He is right wing. We know he's betrayed Hortensis Apr 2018 #10
Of course, he'll do a book tour PJMcK Apr 2018 #5
You're "not interested in" FBI interference in national elections? Hortensis Apr 2018 #8
Imo the book and the book tour should be put off until drumpf is indicted, convicted democratisphere Apr 2018 #7
so, never? shanny Apr 2018 #12
I believe Mueller's mountains of evidence will be overwhelmingly democratisphere Apr 2018 #13
I agree on the evidence and Mueller-- shanny Apr 2018 #14
Agreed! I want drumpf and his family to know what poverty is all about! democratisphere Apr 2018 #16
+a zillion shanny Apr 2018 #18
The Trump Organization was already charged with Money Laundering in early 2015 poli3 Apr 2018 #21
With that he was still elected illegitimate president. democratisphere Apr 2018 #22
Im quite certain Comey will not jeopardize Muellers work. tavernier Apr 2018 #9
I'm pretty sure the explanation for why Comey SonofDonald Apr 2018 #15
Both FBI & Russia played a role in electing Trump poli3 Apr 2018 #20
I don't, I won't be reading his book n/t SonofDonald Apr 2018 #23
Agree! laserhaas Apr 2018 #24
Who is Coney? SharonClark Apr 2018 #11
Preach it far and wide, Comey. And conservativesquit blake2012 Apr 2018 #17
The need to make a buck is sacred dembotoz Apr 2018 #19
Comey could compromise his credibility even worse than it already is Tavarious Jackson Apr 2018 #25
WOW laserhaas Apr 2018 #26
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