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6. His willingness to carry a grudge to the nth degree is another charming trait of this
Thu Apr 5, 2018, 11:45 AM
Apr 2018

Dictator-Wannabee. No slight, insult or jab is ever left to wither and fade away. No! He gathers them up in his gunny sack of sorrow to carry around like treasure to pull out and relive — again and again. Instead of hearing the criticism and considering if it has merit (and much of the criticism he has received in his life is right on target), he rejects it, considers it an insult and the person’s name goes on his sh*t list for life. He is everything we don’t want in a leader and he lacks everything we do want in our leaders.

So pathetically needy. What did his daddy do to him. n/t ginnyinWI Apr 2018 #1
W has father issues too. Invaded Iraq to prove he could go one better than his pappy. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2018 #2
Agree. Don't see 43 zentrum Apr 2018 #16
donnie seems to want not fooled Apr 2018 #24
Yup. zentrum Apr 2018 #30
I suspect daddy said, "You're a disgrace to the family name." tclambert Apr 2018 #18
Does a really decent human being, with talent and gifts have to tout it all the time? BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #19
Extremely FRAGILE self adoration William Seger Apr 2018 #3
In the fragility lies the danger ChubbyStar Apr 2018 #7
(((((((((Chubby)))))))))))) Zoonart Apr 2018 #26
President Obama has a healthy sense of self-esteem-- ailsagirl Apr 2018 #4
Obama also had a scholarly intelligence. tRump has nothing. He's just a con in an expensive suit. Texin Apr 2018 #11
EXTREMELY intelligent!! ailsagirl Apr 2018 #15
He admired and respected Bush 43? oberliner Apr 2018 #5
President Cheney was the one who told him to invade the wrong county. 40RatRod Apr 2018 #8
I thought he wanted to avenge his daddy and go after Saddam oberliner Apr 2018 #13
That was the carrot. snort Apr 2018 #17
His willingness to carry a grudge to the nth degree is another charming trait of this Grammy23 Apr 2018 #6
I find him to be the most pathetic figure in World History, maybe EVER... Moostache Apr 2018 #12
which is why when Obama roasted him at that dinner-- ginnyinWI Apr 2018 #28
i was hoping he would figure out he is not dictator and quit. like all his failures before, Kurt V. Apr 2018 #9
Trump told us he has the smartest brain left-of-center2012 Apr 2018 #10
This is unbelievable -- Former IC and other high level RandomAccess Apr 2018 #14
Yep. MariaCSR Apr 2018 #20
And he wasn't exactly gentle about it either RandomAccess Apr 2018 #22
Trump is an egotistical low self-esteem racist bully Angry Dragon Apr 2018 #21
And, just look at the idiot he's Cha Apr 2018 #23
He's a total disgrace, period. ailsagirl Apr 2018 #25
Aloha, ailsagirl! Cha Apr 2018 #27
I always felt like 43 fooled himself about his motives. summer_in_TX Apr 2018 #29
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